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Goodbye Jiggly Cheesecake, Hello Sushi Tacos – The New Food Trends Of 2018

Get your paw paws off my new food trends.

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2017 was the year of the jiggly cheesecake. What do we have to look forward to next year?

2018 is not that far away and with a new year comes new food trends. Here are the top five food trends set to take hold in 2018.

Filipino Food

Portuguese food is set to be replaced by Filipino food. The want for Filipino food in the west is growing. Often called the original fusion cuisine, Filipino food is a complex pattern of Spanish, Western, Chinese, Japanese, and Pacific Island flavours that serve as living proof of the country’s rich cultural history. With the west not yet fully exploring this cuisine, it is likely to pop up all over the place in the year to come. (Don’t worry Nandos isn’t going anywhere)

Alcoholic Ice Cream

Even cooler than a cocktail. These alcoholic treats are set to take 2018’s summer by storm. This soft serve scoops of drunken heaven are a smooth ice cream infused with all your favourite drinks. Just imagine sitting by the pool and cooling yourself off with one of these. I know that winter will soon approach so add a scoop to your favourite hot chocolate for that extra winter warming.

Bubble Waffles

Ice cream roles are a thing of the past! These warm cones of bubbled waffle are the perfect sweet treat to tuck into next year. These Hong Kong inspired sweet pots covered in your favourite toppings are set to show up at all your favourite festivals next year.

Fusion Food

Say goodbye to cronuts and say hello to sushi tacos! Next year is set to bring a flood of (Con)Fusion food. Things like sushi tacos, Nutella naans and pizza samosas are meant to become all too common at you favourite food markets next year.

Paw Paw

Never heard of it? Where have you been? Probably the same place as most of America. This underrated All-American fruit has been forgotten by most people as it was put to the bottom of the pile under apples, cherries and most other fruits. It naturally thrives without the use of fertilisers and pesticides making it a keen choice for healthy drinks. Expect to see this in lots of smoothies and cocktails next year.

Honorary Mention

3D printed food

Thanks to our always advancing technology, we’ll soon be able to print completely symmetrical dishes for that ultimate Instagram pic. However, 3D printed food is already a thing in a very niche market but not to worry next year it is set to churn out perfectly formed sweet treats for everyone.

Say goodbye to 2017 with this new Christmas trend!

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