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France To Ban Vegan And Vegetarian Food Labels

Seems a little extreme, no?

Credit: PETA

Veganism and vegetarianism are the fastest spreading and perhaps most extensive food movements to pervade society. With the rise of all types of “food-like” products, there is no shortage of fake food items available. With major controversy surrounding the huge growth of the vegan and vegetarian trends, however, some countries are even moving to ban them.

Goods with names like “vegetarian sausages” and “vegan fish sticks” grace supermarket shelves across the world. For the most part, people don’t really take issue with the selling of such products. It makes sense that some people still want to taste their bacon without killing an innocent pig. Vegans and vegetarians are free to go on their way with their fake meat and dairy foods.

France, however, is not being as chill about such substitutes.

Recently the French government announced it’s coming ban on vegan and vegetarian products that pose as real animal by-products. In other words, French officials don’t want people confusing non-animal foods with legitimate meat/dairy items. Basically, more creative naming and branding is for what they are looking.

French politician Jean-Baptiste Moreau, mastermind behind the ban, said the following:

“It is important to fight against false claims. Our products must be designated correctly. The terms #cheese or #steak will be reserved for products of animal origin!”

Clearly, Moreau is a bit too gung-ho about the idea. There don’t seem to be too many people outraged about such “false claims”. Those who don’t want to buy vegan products simply buy the real deal. Simple as that.

Image result for vegan meat

Credit: One Green Planet

What names will Moreau and his buddies invent? Everyone is quite eager to hear. Seems pretty dumb to stop vegetarian items from being labeled “steak” or “burger” when that’s exactly what they are.

And get this: French companies that still choose to label vegan items as if they contain real meat/dairy will face a £264,000 fine. France, can you be more over the top?

Maybe France needs to adopt this Icelandic vegan burger…that bleeds! Click here to see.

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