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Burger And Lobster Put A Spin On Iconic Double Down

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KFC made history as the first restaurant to come up with the concept of the Double Down. If you’re not familiar with this masterpiece, the Double Down is a sandwich – but the two pieces of bread are replaced with fried chicken. Since the meal’s inception, many restaurants have adopted the idea. So what could make this creation even better? Glad you asked.

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Burger and Lobster, a British-based chain, recently introduced their version of the Double Down. And the sandwich is fittingly named the Double Drown. The concoction uses two steamed lobster tails (sourced off the coast of Nova Scotia) as buns with thick and juicy pork in between. Top that baby off with cheese and you’ve got yourself a meal!

Just take a look at this:

For those looking for a new twist on surf and turf, here is for what you have been waiting. But to be honest, the price of the sandwich is quite off-putting.

The Double Drown is only to be available at Harvey Nichols – so there’s you’re explanation for the enormous price of £47.10. As the company so politely puts it: if you want a flute of champagne and some thinly sliced potatoes, that’ll cost you an extra tenner. After all, you are getting two quality lobster tails so the price isn’t that exorbitant. But even so, just let the people enjoy this delicious masterpiece!

Looking to save the animals? Here is where you can find a vegan version of this sandwich.

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