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Batman-Themed Restaurant ‘Park Row’ Opens in London

Lets hope the Joker doesn’t crash your dining experience.

Wonderland Restaurants / YouTube

In Soho, London, a new restaurant has opened. This restaurant – called ‘Park Row’ has one defining characteristic: it’s Batman-themed.

Park Row, the new Batman-themed restaurant in London, is named after an area of Gotham North. This is where Bruce Wayne’s parents sadly met their demise (and in front of their own son!).

What does Park Row offer its guests?

The restaurant is situated in a basement restaurant complex – suitable for a Batman theme – and holds up to 330 guests.

Park Row doesn’t disappoint in this area. Diners, upon arrival, enter into a fake library. If you’ve ever wanted to discover a secret door in a library, Park Row is the place for you. After, entering from a bookcase in the fake library, diners are let into the restaurant.

The restaurant is made up of several different themed rooms. There is The Iceberg Lounge, a cabaret bar boasting a Penguin theme (the Batman villain, not the animal). Then there’s Pennyworth’s, a venue themed around Bruce Wayne’s iconic butler. In addition, there’s even an Old Gotham-City-style cocktail bar.

For restaurants, you have two options. Firstly, Rogues Gallery is a restaurant themed around the iconic Catwoman. Secondly, you can dine at the Monarch Theatre, a multi-sensorial restaurant. The Monarch Theatre is a space enclosed entirely inside a silver box. It sure would make for a memorable experience. They call the eating experience a ‘performance.’ Your food is delivered in two acts, just like a stage show. In summary, the whole experience lasts three hours.

Park Row also offers events for visitors. You can book onto live music nights, for special occasions, celebrations of holidays (like their Halloween event), and to their ‘Gotham City Sundays.’ Gotham City Sundays offer guests roasts. Plus, there are special dishes with a dark twist, like burgers with charcoal buns. These events also offer live music.

As you can see, Park Row offers a whole range of experiences for Batman fans and diners alike.

Who created Park Row?

Park Row is the first dining experience launched by the Wonderland Restaurant group. Their founder, James Bulmer, is a former Disney executive, so you know imagination is running in swathes. From restaurant décor to food, these restaurants are designed to ‘bring curiosity and wonderment to the hospitality sector in a way never seen before.’

Bulmer had this to say about Park Row’s opening:

“This is a project many years in the making, with every detail carefully thought out to deliver a unique experience for our guests.

“Trends in our sector are moving towards fun, immersive and experiential dining and our aim is to demonstrate this on a grand scale with exceptional food and drink to match. I am still a child at heart, inspired by the greatest stories and storytellers.

“For me, great food experiences are about unlocking guests’ emotions and creating edible memories.”

How can I visit Park Row?

Park Row is open for bookings right now. As long as you can get to London and have the cash to book a table, you’re good to go. One thing you should know: Park Row operates with a dress code they call ‘more Bruce Wayne than Batman.’ However much you might like to wear the full costume, it’s best to avoid that if you want to be accepted in.

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