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Alcohol Infused Doughnuts Can Now Be Yours

Mmm, diabetes and liver-damage all in one.

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Alcohol doughnuts. Finally, a way to get fat and drunk at the same time. What could be better?

Doughnuts are already perfection, so there’s not much to improve them. Well, that was until Dirrty Doughnuts came along and made the genius decision to infuse them with alcohol.

Dirrty Doughnuts are a company based in Liverpool who make homemade doughnuts with fresh ingredients and no preservatives. You can check out their Instagram account where they go into more detail about deliveries.

I have no clue what a Guinness/Jack Daniels-infused doughnut would taste like, but I have to admit it doesn’t look half bad.

Who came up with such an idea, you ask?

Speaking to Liverpool Echo, Jemma Clark – co-founder of the company – divulged on how she came up with this concept:

I’ve always seen doughnuts as being a little work of art. Something as simple as icing and a few sprinkles is so appealing to the eye.

We wanted to create something that was a bit different to a cupcake but that you could decorate, we also wanted to create novelty doughnuts that could replace a birthday cake.

I have always enjoyed baking and cooking from a young age.

My mum used to do cake decorating when I was a young girl and I loved watching her.

In my twenties, I decorated cakes – mostly novelty cakes, mainly for friends and family. I loved doing this but I never had the confidence to do it professionally.

One day me and my sister, Jess, were talking about starting our own business and we were trying to think of something a bit different and original. That’s where the doughnuts came in.

It’s hard work but hopefully it will be worth it in the end.

It seems like a pretty solid idea to me.

Whether you want a Guinness, Jack Daniels, and Coke concoction, or a white-chocolate-espresso martini doughnut, these alcohol laden treats are a hedonistic delight.

Treat yo self

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If you have a fascination with junk food that’s definitely not good for you, you’re not alone! In fact, you could even get paid for it.

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