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Experts Reveal The Key To A Long-Lasting Relationship

The answer to a long-lasting relationship is simpler than you would think…

The answer to a long-lasting relationship is simpler than you would think...

Being boring is the answer. Yes, that means Netflix-binges and take-away food.

Author of The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck, Mark Manson spoke to the Business Insider about the real secret to a long-lasting, loving relationship. It is not the high-energy, big nights out but rather, the ability to be comfortable with your partner. Sitting in on the sofa, no drama, just love. 

That sounds really weird to people but if you think about it, a really happy 80-year-old couple that’s been together for 60 years, the reason that they’ve been together for 60 years, it isn’t because they took all these private jets and they had their crazy vacations and ‘Oh my Gos, look at their pictures’.
It’s because they were able to be boring together. They are able to spend year after year, sitting around the house, talking about the same boring stuff.

Mark Manson to Business Insider

With the rising pressure of social media, and all these fitness couples acrobatically jumping around and rubbing their love in your face, the stress of finding the key to long-lasting relationship seems higher than ever – and impossible. But frankly, once the honeymoon phase is over, you need to find someone you are comfortable being yourself with. 

And that looks like lounging in your sweatpants, with no cares, watching your favorite shows over and over again but still laughing. Oh, and take-away food. 

And that is what Manson means by making being boring okay again. 

It is a form of being honest with your partner, letting them see who you are when there is no one else around. That level of intimacy is the real golden era of a long-lasting relationship. Breaking down those barriers and forgetting the pressure of seeming like a ‘do-it-all’ couple, instead of simply being your honest selves, and enjoying the true quality of that company. 

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