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Ever Dreamed Of Having A Drink Or Five At A ‘Rick and Morty’ Themed Bar? Now Is Your Chance!

Check out the pop up bar of dreams for all Rick and Morty fans!

Credit: Replay Lincoln Park

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The pop-up bar will be open in Replay at Lincoln Park, Chicago until February 11th so check it out quick!

Fans of the show will know (and probably be heartbroken) that the new series will not be hitting our screens until 2019 and so if they need a little drink to ease the pain and pass the time, this could be the perfect place.

Drinks on offer include an aptly named ‘Rickhatten’ inspired by a Manhattan served in a special glass or if this doesn’t tickle your fancy, a Schwifty Ale is also available which highly resembles a standard Founders All Day IPA, which comes in a little beer jacket.

Giant cardboard cutouts will also be taking over the venue so you can literally enjoy a drink with your favorite characters (although the conversation may be a little one-sided).

And if you don’t fancy a drink, or maybe if you’ve had one too many, you can take part in a skeeball championship with the winner getting a mini collector’s Rickmobile!

So if you fancy joining in with the Rick and Morty madness be sure to get down there asap as the pop-up bar will be bidding farewell to all its adoring fans on February 11th.

If you enjoy letting down your hair with a drink or two, you may actually be enhancing your ability to become bilingual!

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