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WATCH: Comedian Does Show While Tripping On Shrooms

‘The Gateway Show’.

The Gateway Show is a comedy show where comedians perform two sets. They’re sober during the first set, then get super high during intermission, and come back for a second set. Most people do weed during the intermission, but this comedian, Mike Masilotti, decided to do a handful of shrooms. Then, he regretted it.

He does his best to tell some jokes and be professional, but he can barely put a coherent string of sentences together. Eventually, after a couple of minutes, he starts begging for the show to be over. He only makes it a little over 4 and a half minutes before someone lets him come down off the stage. He still has to deal with being ridiculously high, though.

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A couple of quotes from this trainwreck:

  • “This is the worst”
  • “How close to ending is this?”
  • “I just realized I’m like on stage in front of people.”
  • “Has it really [only been two and a half minutes]?”
  • “I’m gonna go be high outside instead.”

Turns out, it’s hard to be a comedian when you’re tripping balls.

You can watch the video here:

If you want to see another drug trip, then you should watch this woman try shrooms for the first time.

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