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Teacher Has 13-Year-Olds Do Homework Research About Crystal Meth

He definitely did not win teacher of the year.

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

A 13-year-old boy in Canada recently brought home a twisted homework assignment. The directions? Look up and write down instructions on how to cook and then inject crystal meth.

The teacher, a drama professor at an Ontario public school, told his students to dramatize the act of making and injecting meth. The original idea was to have class skits based on an old TV show. The assignment took a dark turn when the teacher decided to focus on meth as the topic of the skits. It was a very sudden and strange change to say the least. Maybe the guy was a big Breaking Bad fan?

Assignment instructions included having the kids act frightened when cooking and joyful when injecting the drug. Delight Greenidge was horrified and distraught when her son came home and explained his homework. Take a look at her reaction below.


Since the discovery, the Peel District has suspended the professor without pay. Perhaps the teacher believed that if he took a realistic and honest approach to drugs his students would be less inclined to actually try them.

Regardless of his reasoning, it was an inappropriate thing to do. Maybe just have them watch the hit TV show instead?

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