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You Can Now Officially Do A Degree In Marijuana

Forget Medicine or Law now.

University is an excellent opportunity to obtain a higher education. For most, this also has the benefit of leading to a secure job and allowing them to pursue their passions in life. Well, this is every stoner’s time to shine.

There is a vast range of degree choices to study at university. There is often an ongoing debate of the importance of STEM subjects as compared to arts and humanities. In addition, there are ones scene as even more obscure such as being able to study Harry Potter or even a degree in ‘Beyonce Studies’.

There are some wacky university degrees out there…

If you were to reach, and I mean really really reach, you might be able to argue that these subjects at least relate to literature in some way. Beyonce’s songs could be viewed as a form of literature or art, and the Harry Potter is clearly a very famous book series. It would essentially be like studying literature, but only one very specific part of literature…

This degree however, is really quite special (or whatever you want to call it). You heard it right, you can now officially undertake a degree in Marijuana. The degree course runs for four years which is one year more than the average BA.

Why on earth would anyone want to study a degree in marijuana?

Considering a lot of uni student’s lives revolve around weed anyway, this kind of makes sense. This is all possible thanks to the University of North Michigan. The course will cover the production, science, and business side of marijuana. It’s slightly difficult to grasp what career this is setting people up for exactly… except possibly a dealer? With prime knowledge on their product?

What will the course involve?

According to Fox News, the degree has been described as ‘not an easy programme’. It has also been described as ‘an intense biology and chemistry programme’. It may be better to actually just study a degree in biology or physics, employers would probably prefer that. But hey, who am I to judge?

For more, read HERE about the L.A Rapper who got an Anne Frank tattoo on their face…

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