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Christian Bale Looks Totally Unrecognisable In His Most Recent Role

You won’t believe it’s him.

Christian Bale is almost totally unrecognisable in his latest role. His character ‘Dick Cheney’ hardly resembles the sexy, well-loved actor we all know.

Christian Bale is probably best known for his role as Batman, other notable roles including that in American Hustle, The Fighter, and even much older films like his role as Laurie Little Women. This role however, is a little bit different. He’s put on the pounds, shaved his head, and now he looks like that creepy construction worker that wolf whistles you anytime you walk past. He looks kinda creepy, to be honest.

The New Role

Christian Bale has a past of increasing and decreasing his weight for different roles. His dedication to his job is undeniably impressive.  He’s helped to get into his role as the ex US Vice Preisdent by reportedly ‘eating a lot of pies’. This is inspiring, to say the least.

Cheney is an interesting character- he served under Bush between 2001 and 2009 and managed to obtain a fairly notorios reputation amongst Americans. He is loathed his contribution to various acts of political turmoil, notably: The Iraq War, illegally spying on citizens, and using the government’s funds to make himself wealthier. It will definitely be a challenging and interesting role, but nothing Bale can’t handle.

Read HERE to find out about how and why the new season of House of Cards has been delayed- due to ongoing allegations towards Spacey

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