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Billy McFarland Open Up About Lies And Mistakes in New Podcast ‘Dumpster Fyre’

The Fyre Festival is back in the news…. but this time for an apology?

Credit: Ian Moran

I think we all remember hearing about the extreme fraud of the Fyre Festival. The creator of the infamously-illegal Festival, Billy McFarland, is starting a podcast as an attempt for forgiveness. The podcast is titled “Dumpster Fyre,” so it already sounds quite fitting. 

McFarland is currently serving his 6-year jail sentence in the Federal Correctional Institution of Elkton located in Ohio. So, how is he going to start a podcast if he is behind bars? Don’t worry, he will be interviewed via payphone by Jordan Harbinger. 

He will have a lot to cover in this podcast, as he has destroyed his public image, stolen loads of money, and offended many. With McFarland’s ruthless spending, he ended up costing investors $26 million for his joke of a music festival. Not to mention the super angry customers that paid up to $12,000 for a luxury ticket to only be sat in a tent with a cheese sandwich.

The Fyre Festival has two documentaries explaining its’ tricks and fraud. One is available on Netflix and the other on Hulu.  Check out this short clip of what “Dumpster Fyre” is set to entail.

Well, this should be interesting, right? It sounds like McFarland is now aware of his wrongdoings and the loss he has caused. Will this be a chance for redemption, or is he just looking to save his name and start paying off his debt through podcast earnings? 

If you need a refresher, check out the trailers for the Netflix and Hulu documentaries of the whole debacle below. 

Here is FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, available on Netflix.

And here is the Hulu original, FYRE FRAUD.

Wow, even after just watching these trailers it is easy to see that Billy McFarland has a lot of explaining to do, and even that might not fix the bridges he has burned. 

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