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America’s Most Hated Man is Losing Everything

See how America’s most hated man has gotten into more trouble.

House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform

‘The most hated man in America’ giving up his collectables to pay federal assets seizure. And so he should.

Martin Shkreli, former pharmaceutical executive and convict, is being told to give in his assets to the feds. These include his, rumoured one of a kind  Wu-Tang Clan’s “Once Upon a Time in Shaolin,” album. Other requested items include a Picasso painting, an Enigma Conde breaker from World War II and a Lil Wayne album. Shkreli is also being asked to pay $5 million from his own brokerage account an give up his shares in his business Turing pharmaceuticals.

The album in question, Wu-Tang Clan’s, had been posted on eBay by Shkreli to see if people admired music as he did. This isn’t even the creepiest thing he is known to have done. He was recently convicted by a judge for posting Hillary Clinton’s Hair on Facebook. He priced the strand of hair at $5000.

If by this point you haven’t realised, this is the same dude who raised the price of teenager’s drug for HIV treatment by 5000 per cent. What a twat.

This man is convicted with numerous accounts of security fraud and in court argued that he hadn’t committed a crime because none of his investors lost any money, some even turned a profit. Surely this cannot cancel out a crime, especially committed by this creep.

My question is how did such a weird man get hold of these expensive assets in the first place? and what is he doing with them from his deserved home of jail.

To see more on America’s sweetheart Shkreli and how he was Enjoying Jail

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