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A Lamborghini Go-Kart Has Just Been Released in China

The legendary Huracán model has been reimagined as a go-kart. is this the affordable route to the Lambo life?

Xiaomi /

And when this special edition racer becomes available overseas, it’s all yours for just £1,100 (around $1479).

Go-karting just got a whole lot flashier. Lamborghini has joined forces with electronics company Xiaomi to reimagine its legendary model, the Huracán, as an electric go-kart. Whilst it doesn’t have the same heart-racing horsepower as its larger counterpart, the Ninebot GoKart Pro can still reach an impressive 40km/h (25mph).

The sleek contours of the kart are a loyal ode to the Huracán supercar. It’s also emblazoned with the iconic Raging Bull yellow, and it’s proudly stamped with the Lamborghini emblem for all to see. It has the same ‘Ice Lake Blue’ LED headlights, and there’s even an audio emulation system that mimics the roar of the Huracán’s almighty V10 engine. You might still struggle to fool people that it’s the real deal, but these are all nice touches nonetheless.
Check out this video from Han Lu for a hands-on review and a test drive of the Kart.

The best feature of all, though, is the set of drift tyres that are included with this model, so you can pull off some Mario Kart moves on a real track. Not bad, right? 

The Ninebot GoKart Pro comes equipped with a 432Wh battery which lasts for up to 24 kilometres, allowing you to speed round a standard track dozens of times over. It can take up to 100kg in weight, making it the perfect choice for children and adults alike. If you can’t quite afford a Huracán, this is your next best shot at the Lambo lifestyle.

Vehicle Variety

The company’s recent diversification hasn’t been limited to four wheels. This year, they’ve also released the concept for a stunning Lamborghini yacht, dubbed the Tecnomar 63.

Here are some visuals of the beautifully designed Tecnomar 63.

Two V12 engines, with a jaw-dropping 4,000 horsepower combined, will propel this ultra-light maritime marvel across the oceans in sumptuous style. 

The CEO, Stefano Domenicali, simply says: “If I had to imagine a Lamborghini on water, this would be my vision.”

The number 63 is an homage to the company’s founding in 1963, which also means that only 63 of these yachts will be produced. Oh, and if you want one, it’ll cost a cool £3.4 million – so you better start saving.

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