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A Huge UK Outdoor Club is Opening in the UK This Summer

Get June 26th in your diaries…

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June 21st, a date that is imprinted on the mind of every single adult in the UK. It is the supposed ending of lockdown and social distancing in the UK, and life can return to pre-covid normality. So, with the easing of restrictions, a giant outdoor nightclub is set to open in Manchester this June.

Square One, is hoping to launch in time for the easing of restrictions the government have planned for in June. If all goes to plan, they intend to open on Saturday June 26th.

The outdoor club will open in the afternoon and will shut at 11 pm, just in time for revellers to move onto the indoor nightclubs afterwards.

Its owners have described Square One’s opening as a “beacon of light in the return to clubbing.” With a full events programme of weekly parties and a string of world-renowned DJ’s already booked, it’s set to radiate positivity and engage success throughout Manchester. 

The opening event on Saturday 26th June will feature Enzo Siragusa, with Mella Dee headlining on Sunday. Dennis Sulta and Hot Since 82 are both booked for July.

For those not able to attend those events, the rest of summer is set to see parties hosted by Manchester’s promoters Zutekh, Northern Ireland’s Jika Jika, and an Amsterdam based label, PIV.

Manchester is a city that is certainly not shy when it comes to partying. The city is famous for The Warehouse Project, a “spiritual home” on Store Street. Square One will take place in an old car park on Cakebread Street, near Manchester Picadilly Station. It will be a short distance from Depot Mayfield, a huge outdoor food and drink destination that was specifically built with social distancing in mind last summer. 

If the government’s guidelines of June 21st go ahead, a date which the prime minister has said is changeable depending on what the pandemic looks like in June, then it will have been nearly a year and a half since nightclubs closed.

With this in mind, the bosses of Square One said in a statement, “Manchester is our home. This one is for the dancers, a new venue with no-nonsense.

“Let’s make up for the lost memories and come together, a good and proper open-air affair.”

“Summer is coming and the dance floor is ready.”

The north of England is leading the way this summer, with a Leeds nightclub planning to open its doors at exactly 00.01 am on June 21st. 

Mint Warehouse revealed that their event, – entitled ‘System’ – will be their grand reopening, posting on Facebook, “System – The Grand Reopening – Round 2 Monday 21st June – 00.01am start Mint Warehouse.”

They have been applauded on social media for their optimism and positive approach, especially as the nightclub industry has been one of the hardest-hit sectors during lockdown.

Fancy visiting Manchester’s Square One this summer? Get your tickets and see their full line-up here.

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