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Idiot of the Week

Louisiana Woman Arrested For Refusing to Give Back $1.2 Million Put In Her Bank Account By Mistake

We all want that extra cash but come one, you got caught.

[Credit: mlimah/YouTube]

Slowly, things are improving. More people are getting vaccinated and COVID-19 cases are continuing to drop, with a few rises here and there. Even with new variants showing up in other countries, a fourth wave seems to not be on the horizon. Getting to adventure back out into the wild, that’s how I see it, is becoming more of a possibility. But being responsible humans and wearing masks is still a thing so keep doing it, please! With that said, there are some stories that will be funny no matter what and this is one of them.

Kelyn Spadoni, a Louisiana woman, flat out refused to return $1.2 million dollars that were transferred into her account by mistake so she was arrested and is facing several charges. She didn’t just take the money and blow through it. No, she transferred it into a brokerage account with Charles Schwab and used some of it to buy a new car and house! Who does this and thinks they can really get away with it? This woman apparently.

She Really Thought She Was In The Clear

[Credit: mlimah/YouTube]
[Credit: mlimah/YouTube]

Spadoni also lost her job as a 911 dispatcher with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Department. She faces charges of “theft of more than $25,000 bank fraud, and the illegal transmission of monetary funds” ( 2). These are serious charges that will result in her facing jail time I’m sure. Was it really worth buying a new Hyundai and a new house and trying to hide this clerical error? No, it was not. And somehow I feel like she would try to do this all over again if the opportunity came up again.

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