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10 Unbelievable Student Discounts for 2023 That’ll Make This Year a Little Easier

Saving money can be hard for students. Luckily, these discounts on popular services can help them have more fun without breaking the bank.

For university students, balancing finances isn’t easy. Between tuition, going out, and living independently, many have to make hard choices about where the bulk of their money goes.

However, most don’t know that dozens of companies across the United States offer major discounts specifically for students. These price cuts range from streaming services to electronics to even well-known clothing stores. 

In this article, we’ll walk you through some of the best active discounts for university students in 2023. College is already stressful, but saving money in small places can make room for making more memories, which is what being a young adult is all about.

1. Spotify Premium

Phone displaying Spotify logo. Credit: Kaspars Grinvalds/Shutterstock

There’s nothing quite like listening to music while studying or walking to class. In fact, many students have stated that their music is sometimes the sole thing getting them through a stressful day. Luckily for all avid music listeners (I logged almost 40,000 minutes myself in 2022), Spotify has one of the best student deals around. For just $4.99 a month, anyone with a valid student email can get access to Spotify Premium, Hulu, and Showtime. With costs for each of these services averaging around a monthly $10.99, this is almost an 80% discount.

2. Paramount+

Paramount+ logo in front of a bowl of popcorn. Credit: JOCA_PH/Shutterstock

Beyond listening to music, watching movies is also a prime leisure activity. With social media promoting each brand-new film, it’s easy to understand how college students across the nation spend $2.4 Billion on entertainment. As such, Paramount+ offers a 25% discount for any student in the U.S. This cuts monthly costs down to only $6.99, and yearly costs to significantly less.

3. Amazon Prime

A woman looking at Amazon Prime on her phone while surrounded by boxes.
Credit: Elpisterra/Shutterstock

One of the more well-known student discounts revolves around this popular shipping service. With the creation of an Amazon Student Account, any student can get access to free shipping, faster delivery, Prime Music, and food delivery service for only $5.99 a month. Compared to usual prices, this is a 50% cut and students even get the first six months for free!

4. FedEx

White FedEx envelope and package. Credit: Monticello/Shutterstock

Mailing letters and care packages to friends at different universities across the country is something that FedEx is working hard to make easier. With nothing but a valid student ID, students can save 30% on documents and 20% on shipping services at any FedEx Office nationwide.

5. Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud log and icons. Credit: Monticello/Shutterstock

For the more technically adept student artists, Adobe offers yet another massive discount. For only $19.99 a month, students can get unlimited access to InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator. While this price might still seem high, it is a whopping 65% discount, perfect for students looking to explore new platforms.

6. Chain Clothing Stores

Red H&M and Black Adidas logos. Credit: Rvlsoft, Rose Carson/Shutterstock

Across the nation, many major clothing store chains offer price reductions for anyone with a Student ID. Particularly, American Eagle boasts a 20% discount with H&M and Aeropostale not far behind at 15%. Not to be outdone, athletic brands such as Nike (10%) and Under Armour (20%) also offer price cuts for any active university student. 

Not only this, but if these stores are still a little bit out of your budget, Goodwill does multiple events a month with special discounts offered specifically to students.

7. Major League Baseball

Major League Baseball logo on a computer. Credit: Anton Grain/Shutterstock

When it comes to sports, many athletic teams have special discounts for students. However, none are as well-known as the MLB. Using a student ID to prove identification, students can enjoy 50% off in-person game tickets and 35% off access to With hundreds of games taking place each year, the MLB is making sure no students miss out on supporting their favorite team because of price.

8. Wells Fargo

Red Wells Fargo logo and grass. Credit: Ken Wolter/Shutterstock

There are many banking chains across the United States, but if your debit card has a golden horse and buggy running across it (Guilty!) this is the discount for you. Wells Fargo Student Checking waives all checking fees for students ages 17-24. Beyond this, Bank of America also has a similar deal that can help students avoid any pesky processing charges.

9. Wall Street Journal

Newspapers stacked on top of each other. Credit: Dennizn/Shutterstock

Any college student that has had to find sources for a research assignment knows the struggle with online newspapers. The prices of access are rising and it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to find a site that doesn’t require an expensive subscription. Yet, the Wall Street Journal is doing its best to combat this change. For the low price of $4 per month (a 75% discount), students can get unlimited access to all WSJ print, online, and mobile delivery articles.

10. Theaters

People watching a performance. Credit: Roman Rvachov/Shutterstock

This discount varies depending on the city, but by and large, theaters are a student’s best friend. From ballets to musicals, to even traditional movies, theaters typically reserve special discounts for students that can drastically reduce costs. For example, Regal and AMC theaters offer a 50% discount for students at select locations, and performing arts theaters such as those on Broadway and the Houston Ballet typically cap student prices at $10 apiece.

Saving money while still having fun can be difficult for students. Yet, there are hundreds of companies across the United States that sympathize. From entertainment to banking, to even food, university students have many opportunities to find discounts that’ll let them have fun without breaking the bank.

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Laurie Griffith is a second-year undergraduate student at the University of Florida studying English with minors in Mass Communication and Classical Studies. In her free time, she enjoys devouring young adult novels, baking poorly, and practicing gymnastics with her club team.

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