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Idiot of the Week

Laughing Woman Tears Down ‘Gareth Southgate’ Tube Sign

And the Darwin Award goes to…

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In honour of England manager, Gareth Southgate, the Southgate tube station in London was renamed to the ‘Gareth Southgate’ tube station for 48 hours due to his and his team’s efforts at this year’s World Cup.

Although it seems that someone wasn’t happy with this as there is video circulating of the temporary sign being ripped off in some attempt, showing the original sign.

The woman responsible has not been identified. It is understood that she was not planning to remove the sign and did so without TFL knowing. This is what they had to say:

This was not a TfL member of staff and TfL did not grant permission for this to happen. The signs were due to be taken down overnight last night as the activity was only due to take place on Monday and Tuesday.

Thousands of people visited the station in the last 48 hours to take selfies and celebrate the achievements of the England men’s football team this summer.

I’m not the biggest supporter of the England team, but either way you look at it this is so disrespectful. Although, compared to what she’s getting on twitter I don’t know what is worse. People outright calling her racist and threatening her with death because of what she did.

Video courtesy of Orignal Jedi Watching

Obviously death threats are no joke, but I can see where these people are coming from. Many people got very patriotic this year, and every other World Cup England fans get very protective over the team. So I have no idea what this woman was thinking when she thought it was a good idea to tear down the sign and take a video of it. The most stupid thing apart from her reaction would be if this woman is killed for real over this.

If you enjoyed this check out the summary of this year’s World Cup.

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