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Idiot of the Week

Idiot of the Week #22: Guy Tries to Hold His Breath for Party Trick; Bleeds and Faints From it!

Stupid behaviour at its finest.

Why? Why make yourself have a nosebleed? 

This guy (for some unknown reason) was trying to hold his breath in order to make his red. However, after only a few seconds, he got a nosebleed and passed out! If that isn’t your body telling you you’re being stupid, I don’t know what is!

The internet is full of clips like this nowadays. We all laugh at the idiots out there, but we really have to wonder what goes on in their heads to make them do these things to themselves!

For example, this guy’s friends tell him to stop after they see the nosebleed, but does he listen? Of course he doesn’t.

Take a look at the clip below.


I bet he came round to a really nasty bump on his head.

I’m sort of glad that they didn’t show him hitting the floor! Maybe he was really hurt and they had to cut the video short? Whatever the reason, this guy has some great friends putting the video of his stupid behaviour out on the internet for everyone to see…

Have you ever had friends posting a video of you online? What would you say if your nosebleed was documented for everyone to see?

If you’re interested in past idiots, take a quick look at this stupid mistake!

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