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Victoria Falls in Danger of Becoming All Dried Up

Record droughts are putting the waterfall’s existence in a spot of uncertainty.

Image by Bernard Gagnon / Wikimedia Commons

There are several natural wonders in this world. The Grand Canyon, The Great Barrier Reef, Mount Everest to name a few. All landmarks on this earth that people continually marvel at. But another one of these wonders, Victoria Falls, is currently in a fight for its survival.

Due to a significant drought, the great waterfall that borders both Zambia and Zimbabwe is at risk of completely drying up. The drought has caused water levels of the Falls to dip to a 25 year low, while also decreasing the flow over the falls by 50% (according to Zimbabwe’s Ministry of Environment, Climate and Tourism).

This drought is most a likely a cause of the planets ongoing battle with climate change, something Zambian President Edgar Lungu has discussed at length.

Still, this particular issue hits closer to home for Lungu, who represents millions of citizens who rely on the waterfall to power their plants at Kariba Dam.


Climate change is an obvious issue that needs to be discussed to help avoid disasters like this. No right minded person wants to remove a beauty like Victoria Falls that helps an entire nation survive. Maybe if we all help out like Greta Thunberg, we can put the Earth in a place where these problems are eliminated altogether. 

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