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Top 5 Thai QL Dramas to Watch While Waiting for Wuju Bakery

Looking for something new to watch? Here are a variety of Thai BL/GL Love Dramas to choose from while waiting for Wuju Bakery.

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Wuju Bakery, a highly anticipated K/Thai BL drama, has had its release date pushed back once again due to issues involving editing and runtime. Fans of the show now have to find something new to watch.

What is Wuju Bakery?

Wuju Bakery is a cute supernatural BL romance between an alien (Jeff Satur) and a bakery owner (Barcode Tinnasit). They meet after the alien, Raon, crash-lands into the bakery. To pay for damages, Raon agrees to work in the bakery for Wuju. A romance blossoms between the two of them as they work and live together.

Wuju Bakery was originally set to be released in November 2023, but it was pushed back to March 2024. As the new time frame was approaching, Hanyang Studio put out another announcement saying that Wuju Bakery would come out in the “latter half of March.” This was due to runtime changes. Going from 30-minute episodes to 50 minute episodes meant editors needed longer time to complete their job. Not long after this, The studio put out another statement not long after this. The series will be released sometime in the Summer according to this new update. Similarly, the reason for this was due to difficulties with the CG work.

Wuju Bakery’s absence has left a hole in many people’s watch schedules, including mine. Here are 5 series to watch while we wait for Hanyang Studio’s Wuju Bakery

Cooking Crush – BL

Prem (Gun Attahaphan Phunsawat) is a third-year cooking student aiming to become a famous chef along with his two other friends. He meets Ten (Off Jumpol Adulkittiporn), a med student, who is impressed by his cooking. After trying Prem’s soup, Ten insists that Prem should teach him how to cook. Prem is in the middle of experiencing some monetary struggles, so he agrees to the job for an exorbitant price. The heat they experience in the kitchen afterwards is not only coming from the stove.

Fans love this BL due to its lighthearted and comedic nature. While some people believe the comedy elements are too over the top, many others find it campy and fun. OffGun is a beloved pairing that fans are willing to follow regardless of genre due to their wonderful chemistry and acting abilities. This is an easy watch if you’re looking to turn your brain off and have a nice time.

Gap – GL

Many years after an interaction with Sam (Freen Sarocha Chankimha), Mon (Rebecca Patricia Armstrong) continues to idolize her and gets a job at her company. She is in for a rude awakening when she realizes Sam is actually incredibly cold and seemingly has no emotions. As time goes on and they begin to spend time together, Sam’s icy heart begins to thaw, and Mon starts to realize that her feelings of admiration might be something more.

This is the first full-length Thai GL series and quickly became a classic. While it is full of tropes, fans felt the actresses breathed new life into them. It is an easy-to-digest romcom with swoon-worthy moments and interesting characters. Viewers largely praise the actresses’ chemistry with one another and the funny moments in the show. The lesbian representation in Thai dramas are lacking when compared with the representation of gay men, so this was an important step in diversity in Thai dramas.

Deep Night – BL

This series takes place largely in a host club with famous acrobatic shows. Khemthis (Shogun Paramee Thesdaroon), the son of the owner of the club, takes a liking to one of the hosts, Wela (First Piyangkul Saohin). Wela is also his schoolmate from university which helps to further complicate their relationship as Khemthis learns how to run the club when his mom passes it down to him.

Many fans fell in love with this BL due to its sweet but messy characters. The whole thing is thick with drama and will have you on the edge of your seat. This series is also fast-paced because it is only 8 episodes long. Fans also praised the show’s visuals with its interesting lighting and setting.

23.5 – GL

After moving to a new school, Ongsa (Milk) falls in love at first sight with Sun (Love), the most popular girl. This leads Ongsa to talk to Sun through Instagram using the pseudonym Earth. Sun believes she is talking to a boy and Ongsa is hesitant to come clean for fear of losing her chance with Sun. In this cute school romance, Ongsa must figure out how to navigate her feelings for Sun while balancing her online persona.

Fans love this GL for its light-hearted and comedic tone. Many call it a very sweet puppy-love romance with fun side characters. There are currently only five episodes out, so people are still forming their opinions on the show, but it seems to be very promising.

Dead Friend Forever – BL

A group of friends film a horror movie in a mansion in the woods for a film contest. Little did they know, years later, the secrets involved with the making of the movie would come back to haunt them from beyond the grave. The group are left stranded in this mansion trying to figure out how they can get out alive when there is someone or something seemingly working to pick them off. Secrets will be exposed. Blood will be spilled.

“Dead Friend Forever” made a big splash when it was first released. It took inspiration from slasher movies and the horror genre in general. Praised for its uniqueness and complex characters, this BL is something to watch with your friends and theorize about for hours. This is also Barcode Tinnasit’s first lead role, so if you want a taste of Barcode’s acting, he has many amazing moments in this series.

Look up content warnings before jumping into this one. It does deal with some heavy topics, and you need to decide whether you are ready for that.

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