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5 Holiday Movie Recommendations Based On Your Spotify Wrapped City

Holiday film recommendations for Spotify users according to your Spotify Sound Town. Are you a Berkeley, Cambridge, or Burlington?

Image: Spotify

At this festive season, there is one annual celebration observed across the world by those of every background, embracing the unity and commonality of all humankind; Spotify Wrapped.

Those who observe this annual occasion know that this year it comes with a new and unique twist. The Spotify Sound Town is the latest addition to your musical metadata that attributes a real-world city to your unique musical taste.

According to Spotify, these cities are based on a combination of specific songs, artists, and genres that you have in common with residents of your respective Sound Town. Although Spotify states that they sent out over 1,300 different Sounds Towns to their listeners, many subscribers feel that there were three rising stars of the bunch. 

Quickly browse any social media app, and you will find that overwhelmingly, Gen-Zers report being assigned to United States cities Berkeley, Burlington, or Cambridge. These three college towns were doled out to pop, indie, and folk lovers across the globe, resulting in thousands of jokes on the social platform “X”.

There is nearly unanimous agreement that we all love to learn trivial data about ourselves; just Google “What Salad Dressing Flavor Am I?”. The lingering question, three weeks after the momentous music day has passed: How can we milk this for even longer?

This list gives you the chance to keep the party going by watching a few classics, and perhaps new (to you), holiday films similar to those same musical genres and artists. 

Read on to find the top 5 holiday films for your Spotify Sound Town.


Berkeley is one of the best college towns in the USA.
Credit: SnapASkyline/ Shutterstock

While this list is by no measure exhaustive or indicative of your personal artistic tastes, Spotify has revealed a few of the artists that may have slotted users into this California city. From SZA to Taylor Swift, the Berkeley list is a pop bible, and these wintery suggestions are as close to a feature-length music video as we may get!

1. New Years Blues

Fans of NewJeans may love the Korean wintery romantic comedy New Years Blues: it’s cute and heartfelt, just like the song “Ditto”. 

Where to Watch: Viki

2. I’ll Be Home for Christmas

If you want to root for the “Anti-Hero”, I’ll Be Home For Christmas gives you the perfect balance between edge-of-your-seat cheering and disappointed eye-rolling.  

Where to Stream: Disney Plus

3. The Lodge

Dark, revenge, spiraling into insanity, but make it cozy! “Kill Bill” Lovers, I recommend The Lodge.

Where to Stream: Max

4. Last Christmas

“Ceilings” by Lizzie McAlpine is beautiful and heartbreaking, just like the film Last Christmas. 

Where to Stream: Prime Video

5. Serendipity

Serendipity is perfectly nostalgic, just like Pink+White; looking back on a relationship or a life that didn’t turn out perfectly but remembering it fondly.

Where to Stream: Max


Picture of snowy Burlington.
Credit: vermontalm/ Shutterstock

Burlington might be the most cozy, Christmas-y city on this list. While that may merit a few obligatory Hallmark movies that evoke the same “Hygge” feeling, these suggestions are as varied as the artists Noah Kahan and Ice Spice. 

1. Winter’s Bone

Winter’s Bone is chilly, melancholic, and full of complicated familial feelings. For Noah Kahan’s listeners, this movie will evoke the same feelings as his bittersweet song You’re Gonna Go Far. While it’s not a holiday film, people are wearing sweaters and fighting with family, which is essentially Christmas, right?

Where to Stream: Max

2. Little Women

Another Kahan-esque film might be the recent Christmas classic Little Women. Not only does the setting evoke the woodsy rural cozy essence of Kahan’s folk-pop, the theming is there too. Another story about complicated family bonds and the growing-pains that come with moving on from home, “Little Women” will resonate with fans of the song Stick Season. (Plus, the venn diagram of Boygenius fans and Greta Gerwig loyalists might be a circle)

Where to Stream: Hulu with Starz

3. The Holiday

The Holiday, while technically both romantic and comedic, is first and foremost about two independent women who decide to change pace in the wake of their respective breakups. This film, beloved by many as a festive staple, is also perfectly in line with the message of Miley Cyrus’s “Flowers”.

Where to Stream: Prime Video

4. A Christmas Carol

For the Burlington Boygenius stans, I bring you the spooky essential “A Christmas Carol”. Now stick with me here, I promise they connect. Not Strong Enough, whether you look at it as jaded or introspective, is about selfish behavior and refusal for accountability. If that doesn’t sound like Capitalism to you, I don’t know what will! A Christmas Carol is all about a selfish man’s lesson in accountability and how his actions affect not only those around him, but eventually himself.  

Where to Stream: Disney Plus

5. Let it Snow

For the fans of Sabrina Carpenter that were placed in the Burlington pop commune, we have Let It Snow. This film is youthful and festive, just like Sabrina’s new EP “Fruitcake”. Elements of her giddy pop hit “nonsense” can be found in the romantic themes of the film, that bring you straight back to that feeling of a high school crush. 

Where to Stream: Netflix


Cambridge is well known for having Harvard University .
Credit: Marcio Jose Bastos Silva/ Shutterstock

This is where it begins to get tricky. There is little variation between the artists that will land you in Cambridge and Berkeley, so finding unique movies and songs for you East Coasters begins to get muddled. With artists like Taylor Swift and SZA dominating all three college towns, we had to go deeper to find the pop icons that separated you from the other two. 

That said, the next generation of pop princesses saved this list.

1. Something From Tiffany’s

For Renee Rapp stans, the movie Something From Tiffany’s might be for you if you love the song “Tummy Hurts”. Falling in love with someone who’s with someone else is brutal, which this song and movie have in common. Unlike Tummy Hurts, this movie might just have a happy ending; sort of like the Pepto Bismol after the storm. 

Where to Stream: Prime Video

2. Unaccompanied Minor’s

The film Unaccompanied Minors is unapologetically youthful and chaotic, similar to Olivia Rodrigo’s “GUTS”. These kids know their age – AND they act like it!

Where to Stream: Prime Video

3. The Family Stone

For Mitski fans that were assigned to this chilly New England town, I suggest watching The Family Stone. If you like to put yourself through pain, this is the movie for you! Rooting for these couples to make it through the holidays truly feels like betting on losing dogs. 

Where to Stream: Hulu

4. Holidate

Maisy Peters fans have loved “Together This Christmas” since last Christmas. The movie “Holidate” might be as close as you’ll get to a seasonal on-again off again situationship!

Where to Stream: Netflix

5. Happiest Season

Finally, we must address the MUNA fans of Cambridge. The song Silk Chiffon is both gay and stressed-out, so I feel that I must recommend the holiday film “Happiest Season”. Similarly, this movie is essentially queer anxiety dressed in tinsel. 

Where to Stream: Hulu

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TrillMag Entertainment intern and writer! Based in Los Angeles, CA.

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