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‘Scream 7’s Uncertain Future

‘Scream’ slashes into uncertainty amid behind-the-scenes drama and controversy.

'Scream 6'. Credit: Paramount Pictures
Credit: Paramount Pictures

After a successful reboot in 2022 with ‘Scream’, the New York-based sixth sequel released last year was met with financial and critical success being the franchise’s highest-grossing film. Despite this, ‘Scream 7’ has undergone a tumultuous development, with script rewrites, cast changes and political drama. Leaving many fans in a divisive uncertainty as to the future of the series.

On-screen sisters Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega who play Samantha and Tara Carpenter respectively, will no longer be part of the sequel despite being the main stars of the recent revival.

Why was Melissa Barrera fired?

Melissa Barrera as 'Sam Carpenter' in 'Scream 6'. Credit: Paramount Pictures
Melissa Barrera as ‘Sam Carpenter’ in ‘Scream 6’. Credit: Paramount Pictures

The actress’ social media repostings on the Hamas/Israel conflict came under review after showing support for Palestine. In an Instagram stories post, the Mexican-born actress wrote, “I too come from a colonised country. Palestine WILL be free. They tried to bury us; they didn’t know we were seeds.”

In another post, she added: “Gaza is currently being treated like a concentration camp. Cornering everyone together, with no where to go, no electricity no water. People have learnt nothing from our histories. And just like our histories, people are still silently watching it all happen. this is genocide & ethnic cleansing.”

Spyglass has attributed these postings to antisemitism. Releasing this statement shortly after dropping Barrera: “Spyglass’ stance is unequivocally clear: We have a zero tolerance for antisemitism or the incitement of hate in any form, including false references to genocide, ethnic cleansing, Holocaust distortion or anything that flagrantly crosses the line into hate speech.”

Fan backlash & response

Melissa Barrera as 'Sam Carpenter' and Jenna Ortega as 'Tara Carpenter' in 'Scream 6'. Credit: Paramount Pictures
Melissa Barrera as ‘Sam Carpenter’ and Jenna Ortega as ‘Tara Carpenter’ in ‘Scream 6’. Credit: Paramount Pictures

After getting backlash from fans, Spyglass have allegedly tried to have a meeting with Barrera to ask for her back to which she declined. Barrera seems to stand firm on the situation saying, “Honestly, I think I finally am becoming who I’m supposed to be in life, and the last few months have been a big awakening of that,” Barrera told the Associated Press. “I’m just so grateful for everything that’s happened.”

The ‘In the Heights’ actress did release her own statement about the allegation in an Instagram stories post stating: “First and foremost I condemn Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia. I condemn hate and prejudice of any kind against any group of people.”

“As a Latina, a proud Mexicana, I feel the responsibility of having a platform that allows me the privilege of being heard, and therefore I have tried to use it to raise awareness about issues I care about and to lend my voice to those in need.”

Fan backlash after news of Berraras exit.

Why did Jenna Ortega leave?

Jenna Ortega as 'Tara Carpenter' in 'Scream 5'. Credit: Paramount Pictures
Jenna Ortega as ‘Tara Carpenter’ in ‘Scream 5’. Credit: Paramount Pictures

Wednesday’ star, Jenna Ortega left the project in late November, the day after Barreras firing.  However, this was reportedly not to do with Barrera’s firing, but due to scheduling conflicts with filming the second season of Netflix’s ‘Wednesday’. The talks to leave were apparently discussed before the actor’s strike back in July. Sources have told outlets that Ortega requested a higher salary to match her status.

In a Rolling Stone interview Barrera spoke of her relationship with Ortega, “Listen, Jenna is a good egg. She’s a good person and we love each other. She would show up for me and I would show up for her no matter what.” The pair only had a two-picture contract yet they were always originally going to be a part of seven. Barrera even teased who she’d like to play Samantha’s unseen mother.

Who will direct Scream 7?

Christopher Landon, originally set to take over from collaborative duo Radio Silence. Who manned the prior two entries and will collab with Barrera again this year in upcoming horror flick ‘Abigail’. Landon, whose prior work includes ‘Happy Death Day’ and ‘Freaky’, was chosen to direct Scream 7 in August. Responding to fans about Barreras firing in a deleted X post writing, “Everything sucks. Stop yelling. This was not my decision to make.”

However, Landon left the project in late December after only a few weeks. Breaking the news to fans on X:

Will Neve Campbell return?

Neve Campbell as 'Sidney Prescott' in 'Scream 5'. Credit: Paramount Pictures
Neve Campbell as ‘Sidney Prescott’ in ‘Scream 5’. Credit: Paramount Pictures

OG ‘Scream’ star Neve Campbell, who played the iconic slasher final girl, Sidney Prescott in Screams 1-5, did not return last year for ‘Scream 6’ due to payment disputes. Campbell did react to the six in a Monster-Mania convention saying, “I don’t wish these movies ill will, I wanted the movie to be good. It’s not like I’m sitting in my house going, ‘I hope it sucks, I hope it doesn’t do well.’” She continued, “I actually thought they did a really good job. I think the cast are really powerful, wonderful actors.”

It is currently unknown if Campbell will return for seven. She talked about the possibility of returning at the 48th Toronto International Film Festival saying, “It’s a matter of principle as well. As much as I love the characters that I’ve played and the ones that I’ve had a history with, the concept of equal pay is also very important to me. We’re still not there yet.” – Via Kiss.

The future of ‘Scream 7’

'Ghostface' in 'Scream 5'. Credit: Paramount Pictures
‘Ghostface’ in ‘Scream 5’. Credit: Paramount Pictures

It’s unknown what the plot for ‘Scream 7’ is. However, other ‘Scream 6’ cast members such as Jasmin Savoy Brown have not been asked back. So, It’s safe to assume the story will take a new direction, with many fans speculating the return of veteran Scream stars Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox, and Hayden Panettiere. With the latter two returning in last year’s sequel.

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