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Netflix’s New Feature Has People Threatening to Cancel Subscriptions

The new Netflix feature has people so angry that they are threatening to cancel their subscriptions.

Netflix viewers are outraged after finding some content 'locked'. Credit: Netflix/X/@itsKARY_

Netflix is quickly growing unpopular due to its new feature. TV and film watchers around the world took their anger out on social media. Back in October 2022, the streaming service first introduced its new ad-supported plan, known as ‘Basic/Standard with Ads.’

This advancement aimed to make Netflix easier to access for the audiences. The plan cost a lower monthly fee, at $6.99, but users were still unhappy. Today, the same users are even more outraged because of their favorite films and TV shows now shown as ‘locked’.

Some content on Netflix is now locked behind a ‘paywall.’ Audiences are enraged by the new feature, including a Netflix subscriber who expressed her discontent on ‘X’. On May 8, the ‘X’ user shared a post that contained a screenshot of a paywall when they tried to watch The Equalizer.

Their post reads, “Y’all are SO ever unserious with this @netflix”. They continued, “Why can’t the $7 plan folks watch The Equalizer without upgrading our plan??????????”

Netflix claims to have ‘unlimited’ streaming options with the ‘Standard with Ads’ plan, but users come to realize that is not true. Credit: Shutterstock/Vantage_DS

Another ‘X’ user reposted the tweet, adding: “A paywall inside of a subscription-based streaming service is absolutely crazy.” A comment under the post shared why this was the exact reason they canceled their Netflix subscription. Seems like Netflix has some redeeming to do.

Now, what’s the purpose of this? Many outraged subscribers find this new feature absolutely unnecessary. However, there seems to be a reason behind it. The ‘locked’ feature is appearing on users’ screens who have the ad-supported plan because of licensing restrictions, which are not entirely under Netflix’s control.

An ‘X’ user posted, “Tbf it’s likely a licensing issue and not just Netflix arbitrarily deciding certain users can’t watch certain movies.” The user stands correct due to a press release from Netflix back in 2022.

The release stated that “a limited number of movies and TV shows won’t be available due to licensing restrictions.” Netflix claimed that this is an issue they are currently working on. So, are people getting upset over nothing?

Netflix App
Will Netflix’s high rating go down? Credit: Shutterstock/XanderSt

Netflix posted on its website, stating, “While the vast majority of TV shows and movies are available on an ad-supported plan, a small number are not due to licensing restrictions.” Netflix continues, “These titles will appear with a lock icon when you search or browse Netflix.” Netflix also added, “Sign up for Standard with Ads today and choose from several payment options.”

The streaming service reassured, “You can easily change your plan or cancel at any time.” However, many users are unfazed by Netflix’s explanation and continue to be enraged by the ads.

Many find it unnecessary that the ads were introduced by Netflix in the first place. One ‘X’ user wrote, “Let me go even further to add you shouldn’t have ads on any streaming service you pay for. Ads should only be for free services.”

They continued, “You shouldn’t have to pay for an extra plan to avoid ads, especially because these days they are getting longer than commercial breaks.” Users are still extremely dissatisfied with Netflix, and are threatening to cancel their subscriptions if they haven’t already done so. Film and TV lovers around the globe hope that Netflix redeems itself sooner rather than later.

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