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Netflix Viewers Urging Everyone to Watch Thriller With ‘Crazy’ Plot Twist

With Netflix having such an abundance of options out there – viewers are urging people to watch the 2019 thriller ‘Fractured’ featuring Sam Worthington. They recommend the film particularly because of the unexpected plot twist that will leave viewers stunned!

Netflix viewers urge people to watch the thriller 'Fractured' featuring Sam Worthington
Image: Netflix

Netflix viewers have such a wide range of thriller movies to choose from. So, discovering an excellent, eye-catching thriller on the platform can become particularly difficult. But viewers are urging everyone to discover one must-watch 2019 thriller – with a shocking plot twist!

Keen watchers of thriller films will agree that an excellent movie’s success among viewers is heavily reliant on its ending. This is especially true when it comes to Netflix and its multitude of thriller options available for viewers.

So it’s essential that something fresh, unexpected and insane must come into fruition towards the film’s conclusion for it to be shared and recommended among members of Netflix-centred group chats.

To fail at nailing the ending would thus prove disastrous to any film executives seeking success and longevity.

But 2019’s thriller Fractured seems to have evaded such criticisms – as viewers remain enamoured by the film’s ending five years on from its initial release.

Social Media Praise Among Netflix Viewers

With 2.3 million members, Netflix Bangers is one of the most popular Facebook groups that regularly shares discussions about the platform and its content.

The movie has been a big hit with Netflix Bangers’ contributors.

Within the group, one fan summarised how many others feel the plot’s progression is,

“It’s a good thriller movie with an emotional story. It took my attention from the beginning as it has a thrilling soundtrack and cinematography”.

Netflix viewers urge people to watch 2019's thriller 'Fractured' featuring Sam Worthington.
Fans Say That 2019’s Fractured, Starring Sam Worthington, Is A Suspenseful Must-Watch Thriller. Credit: Netflix.

A psychological mystery thriller, Fractured follows a story that every parent and partner dreads.

The Complex Plot of Fractured

While all you really need to know going into the movie is that you will discover yourself open-mouthed at the shocking plot twist ending, here’s a (relatively) spoiler-free breakdown of what the story entails for any eager Netflix viewers.

Accompanied by his wife and daughter, Ray Monroe (played by Sam Worthington) is driving off-road before the three characters take a break at a highway rest point. Subsequently, Ray’s daughter experiences a scary fall – resulting in her arm being broken.

This rather gloomy yet intriguing opening leads into one of those movies where the audience is bewildered and captivated by each eerie scene.

Following a panic-stricken rush to a nearby hospital – and a chaotic clash with a nurse – Ray eventually gets his daughter attended to by a doctor.

As his family are taken to get MRI scans, an exhausted Ray finds himself collapsed in the hospital’s lobby.

We can’t say too much more without giving away major plot points, but the shock factor begins after Ray awakens. Unfortunately for the protagonist, the hospital staff are wholly unaware of his family ever being checked in.

Netflix viewers urge us all to watch Sam Worthington's captivating portrayal in the 2019 thriller Fractured.
Sam Worthington’s performance has been widely praised by viewers. Credit: Netflix.

Numerous Netflix viewers have taken to the popular Facebook group to voice their stance on the thriller. Fans’ reactions indicate an overwhelmingly positive reception to the surprise-ending film.

Opinions From Netflix Bangers Members

Referring to that ending, one fan wrote: “One of the best twists I’ve seen.”

“Great thriller movie right to the very end,” added another group member.

“Fractured was actually pretty good, and I wasn’t expecting the ending,” said a fellow thriller-lover.

A fourth fan stated: “Fractured well worth a watch, 8/10!!”

Seemingly shocked by the concluding scenes of the film, another member said: “I thought it was quite the twist of an ending. One second, I was happy with the outcome, then all of a sudden, boom wtf just happened? Lol.”

Finally, a fan who just happened to press play commented: “It was an unexpectedly great movie! I saw it on Netflix and turned it on. No clue about it. Great thriller.”

A Mixed Critical Response

But the widespread Netflix Bangers viewers’ adoration of Fractured is certainly not reflected by its critical reception.

The response on Rotten Tomatoes includes very mediocre scores of 59 percent among critics and 52 percent among audience members.

Thus, perhaps not all Netflix viewers praise the film as highly as social media would indicate.

More positive, albeit only slightly, is the movie’s IMDb score: 6.8/10 with almost 90,000 reviews.

With such a colorful combination of reviews from critics and avid Netflix viewers alike, it’s best to watch the psychological thriller for yourself to see just how suspenseful you find it to be.

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