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‘Rick and Morty’ Season 6 Finale: Rock and Morty Save Christmas so They Can Ruin It

rick and Morty season 6
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Rick‘s Christmas present to Morty leads to some world-ending outcomes, like usual. Things turn out even worse when the President comes knocking at the Smith house.

All in all, this is a pretty good episode. This episode puts Morty at the center. He starts off the events in this episode after dropping his gifted lightsaber vertically to the center of the Earth and quickly tries to fix his mess. The twist is that, instead of having a consistent partner throughout the adventure, Morty is compelled to work with multiple allies. That’s pretty interesting since we usually see Morty with one person by her side throughout an adventure. This episode shows that he can work with anyone, again implying that he can do more than just take the lead from Rick.

Rick and Morty keep teasing that Rick is a good guy.

This turn does show some interesting dynamics. It suggests that Morty doesn’t entirely trust Rick this week, which leads to him teaming up with the President. It’s also interesting to watch Robo-Rick go through a crisis of conscience.

In this episode, the creators continually try to prove that Rick is a “good person” or is changing deep down inside. But as Robo-Rick is dying, he mentions that he and Rick share the same kind of but that Rick just cannot show it. There are some acrobatic twists of logic in there as well.

If Rick’s just going to keep being a douche, then it’s probably best for the show to embrace it. There is no need to keep gaslighting Morty that he should stick with Rick because, deep down, he has a modicum of decency.

But anyway, that’s all for this episode. It is, in fact, a pretty good episode. Maybe not be much of a finale, but we can live with that.

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