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How Episode 3 Of ‘The Last Of Us’ Changed The Focus Of The Show

The Last of Us
Image Source: Warner Bros. Television Studios

The Last of Us episode 3 is widely praised as a television classic for its decision to divert the focus from our main character and focus on the post-apocalyptic romance of Bill and Frank. However, some fans of the original game are unhappy since the show significantly changes this part of the story.

Craig Mazin, writer and executive producer of The Last of Us, discusses why the third episode took such a diversion from the previous two. Although the plot primarily follows Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey) as they travel west to meet the revolutionary Fireflies, their path takes a turn when they agree to spend time with Bill (Nick Offerman) and Frank (Murray Bartlett) two long-term survivors. 

However, episode 3 focuses on Frank and Bill when Ellie and Joel reach their village, and their story takes up almost the entire duration of the episode. Bill and Frank’s journey is a heart-touching story that addresses life and romance in the post-apocalyptic world in a manner that few shows have ever done, even though it was unexpected. It analyzes how a relationship develops year by year near the end of the world rather than just portraying a tragedy.

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It was a beautiful plot that looked at the possibility of the apocalypse and gave Bill and Frank a chance to grow old together. The Last of Us honoured both characters and displayed their love without degrading them in any manner. Episode 3 of The Last of Us was a significant shift, but it was a positive change that added a lot to the story.

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