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‘The Last Of Us’ Episode 3 Synopsis & Recap

The Last of Us
Image Source: Warner Bros. Television Studios

The Last of Us Episode 3 takes a break from Joel and Ellie for the most part, flashing back to the start of the outbreak to tell the show’s best side story of bringing two men together by fate. 

In the television adaptation of the game on HBO, Frank and Bill’s years-long connection becomes the emphasis of the series’ third episode, with their apocalyptic attachment story depicted uniquely in video game adaptations and dystopian narratives. Their conclusion is one built on terms Bill and Frank set for themselves. It all drives for a bittersweet and driving episode of television.

Love Saga Of Frank & Bill

The Last Of Us Episode 3 concentrates more on the relationship between frank and bill and shifts the focus from Joel and Ellie. The touching romance of Gay is also a significant deviation from the titular video game, in which players are only introduced to Bill via his limited interactions with Joel.

There’s long been speculation about whether Bill and Frank were romantically involved in the game. The game’s creator and co-president of Naughty Dog, Neil Druckmann, were similarly shocked. Episode 3 focuses almost entirely on Bill and Frank. We unveiled how they meet, grow old together, love each other, and die happily on their terms in each other’s arms. It’s emotional, moving, and surprisingly romantic story script that seems slightly different from the game about a similar relationship.

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While the episode marks a notable divergence from the game, fleshing out a side story barely implied in the original material, the two interpretations of Bill and Frank’s tale are similar as they appeared first. The closer inspection of two primary scenes, one from the show and one from the game, you can appreciate how both stories not only began on the identical path but could have merely as smoothly persisted down it to match equivalent closings.

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