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Important Theory Concerning Sam’s Body After Leaping Is Confirmed by Quantum Leap

Quantum Leap
Image Source: NBCUniversal Television Distribution

Season one, Episode 11 of the series Quantum Leap on NBC marks the show’s three-week comeback. It is titled “Leap, Die, Repeat.” The show casts Raymond Lee as Physicist Ben Song, Caitlin Bassett plays Addison, Ernie Hudson as Herbert’ Magic’ Williams, Mason Alexander Park as Ian Wright, and Jenn Chou is played by Nanrisa Lee.

The most widely accepted ideas concerning what happened to Ben Song and what happened to Sam Beckett’s body after he leaped – have now been confirmed by Quantum Leap. Although Quantum Leap was a science fiction television series, time travel was used primarily as a plot device to explain why Sam Beckett was jumping into other people’s lives. 

Dr. Ben Song, the show’s protagonist, intentionally entered the Quantum Leap accelerator and even appears to have planned a trip through time with a planned endpoint. One of the most important concerns is what happened to Sam Beckett’s body when he leaped and what is happening to Ben Song’s body in the actual series. There was a lot of discussion about this because the following episodes indicate that Sam’s body was controlled by the minds of others he possessed.

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To make the story more interesting, the show directly discusses its time travel theories in Episode 11, a parody of Groundhog Day. Theoretically, Ben can now travel into the future due to Quantum Leap, where he intends to save a tragedy involving the death of his fiancée Addison. NBC‘s Quantum Leap relaunch has chosen to make so many significant clarifications because these concepts and ideas will be relevant to the main storyline.

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