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Fans Call for Pedro Pascal to Play Mario in Upcoming Movie After SNL Skit

Is it too late to completely redo the movie?

Its-A-Me Predro Pascal. Image: SNL/YouTube

Making movies based on people’s favorite books or games or anything else along those lines is always a risk. The characters, settings, stories, and even costumes are built up in fans’ minds and those are sacred spaces. If someone dares to try to enter that space, they’d better take care of these elements and really remember who the most important piece is: the fans. Without them and their money from sales, the film is toast. In that spirit, the new Super Mario Bros. Movie is set to premiere in a few months but the lead character needs to be changed, according to fans after seeing Pedro Pascal’s performance on Saturday Night Live.

Pascal is currently starring in HBO’s The Last Of Us which is also based on a video game. It’s been getting mostly good reviews but after his appearance on SNL last week, fans are calling for him to be the voice of Mario in the upcoming movie. Chris Pratt is the voice of Mario but he’s not even using an Italian or even an attempt at one. Fans find this to be distracting from the movie and Pratt has soured fans with his actions off the screen in recent years as well.

Credit: Illumination

Pascal though, brought intensity to his performance on SNL while being completely hilarious. Even the makeshift cart looks cool! And he adopted the Italian accent just for a three-minute skit. And yet, Pratt couldn’t even attempt it for an hour and a half or more movie. Why didn’t the director tell him to do the accent or why didn’t it even occur to him to use one? Epic fail.

Pedro Pascal Should Be The Voice Of Mario…Just Remake The Whole Movie, No Big Deal

Credit: SNL/YouTube
Let’s get Peach home! Credit: SNL/YouTube

Pascal’s performance has people buzzing and pleading for Illumination to kick Pratt to the curb and put Pascal in the driver’s seat as Mario. One journalist’s tweet sums it up best:

Pedro Pascal as #Mario isn’t something I ever knew I needed, but now it’s all I want. #TheLastOfUs #SNL.

Brad Shankar, MobileSyrup

Obviously, this isn’t going to be changed, with less than two months until the premiere. This is a shame because fans are already disappointed and saying they won’t go see it because of this. When this project was announced originally, fans were really excited. Directors and producers need to seriously take into account the fans and this will be perceived. They are the ones who make or break the project. The success or failure is decided by them. These stories and characters mean a lot to fans. If you can’t do it justice, don’t do it at all. Are you going to go see the movie? Drop a comment below.

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