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Gen Z Tries to Cancel Eminem Again – Millennials Still Aren’t Having It

Gen Z, you guys need to stop!

Cancelling someone because you don't like what they say is not a reason. Credit: DoD News/Flickr

Canceling or trying to cancel someone because you don’t like what they say is not a reason. Gen-Z wants to cancel Eminem…again and millennials aren’t having it. Amid another war of words, Eminem is still going about his life. But he clearly appreciates his supporters defending him.

If you put your phones down long enough to see so much else happening, you’d see how trivial this is. However, the millennials all know that is never going to happen. When they grow up and realize all their stupid rants and stunts are on the internet forever, unlike with millennials, they’ll be canceling themselves. Once it’s on the internet, it’s there forever. This is how Gen-Z drives their power and how millennials see this as a threat for bigger issues going into the future. There is always something bigger than all of us humans and that needs to be remembered.

Anyway, back to the current crisis facing Gen Z: Eminem. This loud, scary guy who raps and says exactly what is on his mind and tells it how it is, is scaring the children again, or still really. He always sounds so angry and hurts their feelings. Ultimately putting aside all of his accomplishments, professionally and personally, because nothing has come easy for Eminem, and not without a lot of hard work. Does Eminem push the envelope? Absolutely! But that’s part of his appeal. His game is stronger than most rappers that Gen Zers like, if they, in fact, even like any.

Millennials Clap Back

Credit: GoodTasteToYou/YouTube

Millennials don’t mess around when it comes to this cancel generation. One more thing that Gen Zers can’t understand. Gen Z sees the world needing to change which in some ways it does but canceling people is not part of that vision. Cancel culture is not any kind of respect. Agreeing to disagree is respect.

The best part about this, other than all of the millennial attack videos defending Eminem, is Eminem’s response to this and rappers of today:

Credit: Twitter

If you haven’t had it tough in life, or if you haven’t been in a situation where you just hurt so much over someone or something, or simply if you’re angry over life kicking your butt, then, of course, you can’t relate to Eminem, or you can’t understand him and his lyrics. But that doesn’t mean you can cancel someone or act like they are old news because you can’t understand or relate to them. Or even if you can’t relate to any of that, you can appreciate his work and flow, and his don’t give a … attitude, that’s still better than what Gen Z can do.

So, Gen Z go after Millennials about someone or something else, preferably not from that same era. It is hard to adjust to getting older and younger generations finding stuff from their childhood to be new and cool. It’ll make sense when they all get older, hopefully.

Click here to enjoy more about Eminem and how he’s the best MC.

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