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VIDEO: Eminem Has Done the Impossible to Prove He’s the Best MC

Not bad.

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So Eminem basically just proved he is the best rapper on the planet and maybe in the universe as well. I bet his parents are real proud. I don’t like rap, but good for him. How did he do it? He found words that rhyme with orange. Here’s the video that shows a mix of his different songs with the parts of it that rhyme with orange.

In the video it highlights the words that he cleverly rhymed with orange. Also, in case anybody is wondering, all the words can be found in the Oxford English Dictionary. Although, I would like to point how in some of the rhymes he really only rhymes with the word after orange. For example, “orange hair” rhymes with “yarn Claire”. He rhymed “hair” with “Claire”. Aside from that he mostly did find words that rhyme with orange, like syringe or hinge. So I will give it to him, the effort is there.

Well congrats on being really great at something Eminem. I’m sure there are a lot of people out that are grateful that you are rapper. I know you have many fans, and we all can see why. He clearly has talent. It really matters how you choose to argue it. He could either be a genius or really good at arranging words. He is creative, I will give him that.

Anyway if you want to watch more rapping here’s a video. It involves Shia LaBeouf dropping an impressive freestyle rap. Enjoy!

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