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How are Scream Fans Feeling about The Recent Scream 7 Announcements

As more news about the upcoming Scream movie is released, fans are reacting to the updates and changes on social media.

'Ghostface' in 'Scream 5'. Credit: Paramount Pictures
Paramount Pictures

After two successful reboots, which continued the beloved slasher franchise, fans were eager for the next movie, but with the recent cast and plot changes, and political disagreements, fans are having mixed emotions about whether or not to support the upcoming Scream movie.

YouTube/Beyond the Mask

Scream (1996) became one of the most popular slasher movies in the horror genre. Director Wes Craven continued the story of a different Ghostface stalking Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) and her friends. Following the death of Craven in 2015, the franchise moved in a new direction with new characters, who were set to carry the rest of the franchise.

With Scream 7 currently in development, news indicates cast changes, new directors, and plot twists.

The Scream franchise is known for keeping things fresh for their audience. Cast changes and new storylines could shake things up more.

Scream 7 News

Credit: Paramount Pictures

The biggest news to come out so far is the return of Neve Cambell.

Cambell did not participate in last year’s film due to financial disagreements.

It’s been confirmed that Neve Campbell is set to reprise her role as Sidney Prescott in the upcoming film.

Cambell announced her return on Instagram back in March.

“Sidney Prescott is coming back!!!!” Campbell posted on Instagram. “It’s always been such a blast and an honor to get to play Sidney in the Scream movies. My appreciation for these films and for what they have meant to me, has never waned. I’m very happy and proud to say I’ve been asked, in the most respectful way, to bring Sidney back to the screen and I couldn’t be more thrilled!!!”

Neve Cambell and Courtney Cox as Sidney Prescott and gale Weathers in Scream 5. Credit: Paramount Plus

Courteney Cox is also set to reprise her role as Gale Weathers in the film.

So far, the upcoming film plans to focus on Ghostface targeting Sidney’s family despite Cambell not being in the previous film.

Cast changes can also be expected following the firing of Melissa Barrera in November. Shortly after, Jenna Ortega parted ways with the franchise.

What Happened with Melissa Barrera?

Melissa Barrera as Sam Carpenter in Scream VI.
Credit: Paramount Pictures YouTube

Late last year, Deadline reported Spyglass Media Group firing Melissa Barrera from her leading role in the upcoming Scream movie. http://On-screen sisters Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega who play Samantha and Tara Carpenter respectively, will no longer be part of the sequel despite being the main stars of the recent revival.

This came shortly after multiple Instagram stories from Barrea in support of Palestine.

Barrera reposted dozens of pro-Palestine articles on social media since the beginning of October, including her own statement in an Instagram story post saying, “I too come from a colonized country. Palestine WILL be free.”

She also stated, “Western media only shows the other side.”

Spyglass Media group called her posts a violation of their “Zero Tolerance” against “antisemitism or hate in any form,” according to a statement provided by Variety.

Why Jenna Ortega Won’t Be Returning

Jenna Ortega as Tara Carpenter in Scream 5. Credit: Paramount Pictures

Days after the announcement of Barrea’s firing, The Hollywood Reporter reported Ortega dropping out of Scream 7.

Fans were speculating Ortega’s decision of not returning being due to the firing of Barrea, but Variety reported it was due to scheduling conflicts with the second season of her hit Netflix show “Wednesday.”

fans are still wondering if this is the real reason for the sudden decision.

Cast Returns?

Credit: Paramount Pictures

Following the cast changes and new announcements, the official cast list still remains unclear.

After appearing in the previous films, fans anticipated that Jasmin Savoy Brown and Mason Gooding would reprise their roles in the upcoming film as the Meeks-martin twins.

The Leftovers actress, who appeared in Scream 5 (2022) and Scream 6 (2023), spoke to Entertainment Tonight in January about her time on the franchise and a return.

When asked if she would return for the next movie, Brown stated that no one has reached out to her.

“I haven’t gotten a call, so I think if you want to ask Spyglass what they’re doing, you can, she said.

Brown’s statement followed the departure of Christopher Landon, who dropped out of the film. Christopher Landon is an American film director and screenwriter best known for working in the horror genre. Land has written and directed horror films like, Paranormal Activity and Happy Death Day. http://Christopher Landon, originally set to take over from collaborative duo Radio Silence

Landon dropped out of the film several weeks prior to Brown’s interview.

He said, “Will disappoint some and delight others after taking a dream job that turned into a nightmare.”

Landon was referencing the firing of Barrea and the departure of Ortega, who had both finalized their deal to return for the seventh movie.

Now, Kevin Williamson, the screenwriter of Scream, Scream 2, and Scream 4 is set to direct the next film.

Fan Reactions

Credit: Paramount Plus

Fans of the beloved slasher franchise have been reacting to any news about the upcoming film. The cast changes, directors, and potential storylines.

Following Berra’s firing in November, fans of the franchise took to social media their support of the Abigail actress. Some even plan to boycott the upcoming scream film in support of Barrea and Palestine.

Although some Scream fans plan to boycott the next movie, there are still plenty of supporters who are excited for what’s next.

Fans are most excited for the returns o Neve Campbell and Courtney Cox, who are set to return and continue their story alongside other characters.

When Will Scream 7 be Released?

Credit: Paramount Pictures

What fans know about Scream 7 is still limited, as the project is in the early stages of development.

No release date has been announced yet. However, it’s anticipated that the movie could release in later on this year or early 2025.

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