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Milan Fashion Week: Men’s Fall/Winter 2024

Starting 2024’s Fashion Week season is Milan! Men’s Fashion Week is here with the latest collections from the top designers.

Milan Fashion Week - Gucci Men's Fall Winter 2024 Fashion Show
Still from Gucci Gucci Men's Fall Winter 2024 Fashion Show/YouTube

It’s a new year, and 2024’s Fashion Week shows are bringing in a new wave of collections. Last year brought us unforgettable designs from the best collections from the top designers around the world. Now, it is the start of a new year, which means new designs. Starting off, Pitti Uomo is the leading event for men’s fashion collections. Following Pitti Uomo, from January 12th to January 16th, Milan is hosting Men’s Fashion Week. Promptly after, on January 16th, Paris will also host their Men’s Fashion Week shows.

Top designers will show off their Men’s Fall-Winter designs, including Gucci, who is opening this year’s Fashion Week on the 12th. Other highly anticipated shows include Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, Prada, Zegna, and Gorgio Armani. Here is a look into Milan’s Men’s Fall-Winter 2024 collections.

Dolce & Gabbana – Milan Fashion Week

Dolce & Gabbana’s Fall/Winter 24/25 Men’s fashion show is nothing short of genuine artistry and elegance. Outside the Metropol, Dolce & Gabbana’s show takes place on a stripped-down and monotone runway with a single raised platform. Models ascend and descend from the platform through stairs as they move through the dimly lit runway.

This collection is all about pristine lines and expert tailoring. A completely black and monotone collection combines with sharp lines, redefining the style codes of masculine charm. Some of the best suits in the fashion industry come from the atelier of Dolce and Gabbana. Accordingly, the brand celebrates sartorial craftsmanship and classic Italian tailoring with its latest collection.

For Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, this collection is about true elegance. The collection encapsulates the beauty of the handmade while detailing the supreme quality that comes from their extensive knowledge of the rules of tailoring.

Fall/Winter 24/25 Men’s Collection

This collection includes deep-black tuxedos with silk Lavalliere ties, which are a nod to classic tailoring. Moreover, the collection is split between daytime attire and nighttime attire. For the Dolce & Gabbana man, daytime attire consists of sleek black dress shirts and double-breasted suit coats with silken underlays. Simple trousers pair well with the suit coats as cummerbunds tie in the details of classic tailoring.

As the collection transitions to nighttime attire, coats, Spencer jackets, and trousers adorned with sequins for a chalk-striped effect begin to appear. Smaller details include tassels on scarfs, gleaming floral broaches, and spare uses of lace and sequins. Of course, Dolce & Gabbana includes modern detailing as denim and camel make slight appearances as the collection progresses. The collection also integrates a soft elegance with silken satin blouses, soft fur coats, poet blousons tied with a bow, and shimmering sequin-covered suits.

Moreover, the collection depicts Dolce & Gabbana’s idea of masculinity. The tailoring of the collection creates a sense of romance with a mix of old-school allure. The detailed textiles harmonize with the dimly lit atmosphere to bring out each silhouette. Overall, the collection perfectly blends elegant tailoring and modern details to create a sophisticated wardrobe for the Dolce & Gabbana man.

Emporio Armani – Milan Fashion Week

The atmosphere of a cold, tempestuous sea lurks among Armani’s Fall-Winter 2024/25 Men’s collection. Armani takes the audience on a journey to sea as he takes us to the foreground of a dark lighthouse. The lighthouse lights up the path for various travelers as they make their way on the journey. During this show, Armani plays Loredana Berte’s “Il Mare D’inverno (Winter Sea)” as it opens and closes the show.

For this year, Armani creates an emphasis on adventure in any setting, as well as absolute open-mindedness. In doing so, Armani tells a story where oceans connect continents, an ocean where a ship cuts through to ports and shipyards. The various travelers roam, including sailors, cabin boys, engineers, and officers.

Opening the show, navy sailor hats, buttoned overcoats, and zip-up jackets depict sailors coming from a long journey at sea. Accordingly, the signature striped sailor design appears on sweaters and scarves as gloves and bulky boots provide necessary protection and warmth.

Following, the palette shifts to brown and beige as the next set of nautical travelers emerge. Trench coats, abbreviated jackets, and blazers make up most of the next section. Simple shorts and trousers pair with simple outerwear while shirts with deep V’s and minimal buttons peeked through.

Emporio Armani Men’s Fall Winter 2024-25

A bold contrast follows as pristine white ski wear makes its way down the runway. Accordingly, models show off billowing down parkas and puffer vests as they accessorize with snowboards, helmets, skis, and goggles. As the collection moves, white sweater dresses and skirts make a brief appearance. For this section, footwear remains simple as snow-white boots blend in seamlessly with the designs.

Following is a series of navy blue, steel grey, and midnight black suits. The occasional trench coat, fur coat, skirt, and shorts add a little variety to the plain suits. As the collection progresses, intricate details of embroidered barnacles and shells add a nautical touch. Soon enough, glimmer designs dazzle the crowd as sequined navy jackets, vests, and tops contrast the plain black trousers.

The collection is completed by select garments that have been adapted and reproportioned for women. However, the designs do not lose their charm as they incorporate Armani radicalism in the interest of seeking new horizons.

Gucci – Milan Fashion Week

Gucci’s first show of the year is Sabato De Sarno’s second show since recently becoming the brand’s creative director. De Sarno’s first show was Gucci Ancora, during Milan Fashion Week, where he revealed Gucci’s Spring-Summer 24 collection. From last season’s show, De Sarno was met with a lot of criticism. However, that did not persuade him to change anything. Instead, he decided to mirror the show and integrate it into this year’s designs.

This year’s men’s collection is also named Gucci Ancora, and the word ‘Ancora’ is Italian for ‘again’ or ‘begin’. This word describes the feeling when your desire is not over. With this, De Sarno encapsulates the feeling of how people will react to the collection. Last year’s show had to be moved to a black box in Gucci’s Milan hub after some unexpected rain. This year, De Sarno brought back the unintended black box as he liked the idea of complete focus on the clothes.

As De Sarno pulls from Gucci archives, the collection is filled with shiny leathers, jacquard shirts, and crystal embroidering. Gucci’s 1950s clutch embroidery inspired the crosshatch crystal baby-doll dresses we saw last season. For this show, Gucci mirrors the design for men in the form of tank tops. Another eye-catching detail includes shimmery shaggy lurex coats that catch the light with every movement. Zippers give an additional glimpse of light against the dark palette.

Gucci Men’s Fall Winter 2024

As the collection moves, subtle silhouettes of the logo appear emblazoned in raised letters on the leather bags various models clutch in their arms. De Sarno pairs the bag with double-breasted jackets, streaming trench coats, and plain pea coats. The double-G logo also appears patterned on slim suits, and the well-known Gucci stripe peaks through the inside of coat slits.

While the clothes stay somewhat on the simpler and refined side of style, De Sarno went with a bolder style for jewelry and accessories. Slim silk ties hung around the neck with silver hardware and partial leather gloves. Gucci’s double-G belt lay on the hip, as it adds a bright gold detail.

The collection mirrors a similar color palette from their spring collection as De Sarno’s developed color, Gucci Rosso, brown and beige, and navy jackets, suits, and coats make up the collection. Overcoats with crystal studs and feathered finishes, as well as a half-button sweater with a glossy hood and a glittering tank top, add depth to the plain fabric. The details from the shining leather and crystals to the subtle logo articulate de Sarno’s “completely free and filled with euphoria” intents.

DSQUARED2 – D2MetaMorph

Twin transformations amaze the audience at Dsquared2’s Fall Winter 2024 show. If you watch the show, you will see double as every model is a twin. The inspiration behind this comes from the Canadian designers and twin brothers Dean and Dan Caten. The collection draws upon the reality of being the day and night versions of each other.

The collection explores the dichotomy between raw and refined. At the center of their runway, a fictitious makeover machine stands. The models enter and exit the machine, which allows them to experience both the raw and refined themes of the collection as they transition from day to night.

As Dean and Dan Caten create the distinction between raw and refined, they also depict the distinctions between twins. Twins have different personalities and characters but are often seen as one or the same person. Dean and Dan Caten show the transformation from day to night through the day version of twins and the night version of twins.


For the show, a twin transformation takes place as a grungy and dirty daywear version walks the runway before stepping into the machine. From there, a glammed-up nightwear version of the previous design appears shortly after to walk the catwalk. For daywear, primal furs and fringe added to the grunge of each design, where ripped jeans and patchwork pulled the theme together.

Other pieces of the daywear designs include cargo pants, flannel shirts, sweatshirts, vests, and fur-lined print sweaters. Ripped sweaters, chains, and worn leather combine with dirt marks on the face and body for the grunge effect. Each look combines clothing in a tattered and jumbled manner as baggy and cropped clothing mix. For footwear, the Catens chose to go with various boots, including hiking boots, knee-high boots, sasquatch boots, and ring boots, reminding us of their Canadian roots.

Moving onto the nightwear designs, where sharp and narrow tailoring reigns as refined designs juxtapose the previous designs. With a mainly black color palette, body-con designs and plunging necklines moved through the runway. For the extra details, feathers, chains, and sequins add depth and texture to each design. For footwear, ankle boots, heels, and loafers pull in the sophistication of each design.

Closing the show, the Catens pull off a showstopper as they walk the catwalk themselves. Dan comes out wearing simple fitted black jeans and an alluring semi-transparent chiffon dress shirt. After entering the machine, Dean comes out wearing a flame-red wig which pairs well with the dominating black corset dress with a high slit and a tall pair of black stilettos.

With Men’s Fashion Week being the start of 2024’s fashion shows, there are still so many possibilities for the rest of the year.

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