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Korean Fashion: The IT Girls’ Latest Bag Trends

As the Korean fashion wave rises globally, Korean accessories are at their core, leading Korean brands to make their mark globally.

Samo Ondoh Pocket mug bag M nappa black
Credit: Samo Ondoh

From trendy backpacks to chic crossbodies, Korean Fashion leads the way in accessorizing. Learn how to elevate your style with unique, practical accessories from top Korean brands. Embark on the exciting world of Korean fashion and discover the perfect bag to complement you effortlessly. 

Korean fashion’s cultural influence remains undeniable as the world embraces South Korea through K-pop, K-dramas, and more. Join the global trend and experience affordable luxury with upmarket Korean brands like Samo Ondoh, StandOil, and Osoi. These brands are known for their trend-setting designs and workmanship, which are now enthralling the fashion world.

SAMO ONDOH redefining fashion with quirky utility bags

First off, Samo Ondoh is a contemporary brand that has redefined Korean fashion accessories. Founded by renowned designers Hyun-Jin Sa and Sueyon Kang, the brand merges distinctive, quirky designs that transcend gender and genre boundaries.

Their tagline, “We are the same temperature,” stems from the brand’s name, Samo (Same) & Ondoh (temperature), symbolizing unity and inclusion.

The Samo Ondoh Pocket Mug bag revolutionizes everyday accessorizing with its pragmatic design and space utilization. It maximizes space for everyday items with four exterior pockets, including two zippers and flaps.

Perfect for professional or student use, the Large size accommodates a 16-inch laptop, which is ideal for busy individuals. Made from premium artificial leather, the Samo Ondoh Pocket Utility bag blends style with practicality for today’s modern lifestyle.

Korean Fashion - Idols spotted with Samo Ondoh bag
Still from AliceFunk 한소희, 뉴진스, 블랙핑크도 요즘 푹 빠졌다고?! 2023 올여름 미.친.듯.이 뜨는 패션 유행템 총정리/YouTube

In a recent video by YouTuber Alice Funk, the new trend of K-pop idols wearing the SAMO ONDOH pocket bag was highlighted. LE SSERAFIM’s Kim Chaewon and Sakura were seen flaunting the bag, giving it attention. Online details on SAMO ONDOH’s official site have dubbed it “LE SSERAFIM Kim Chae-won and Sakura’s pick,” solidifying its status as a must-have accessory in the K-pop industry.

STANDOIL – Standout with the iconic Chubby Bag

Founded by designer Sora Lee, StandOil has become synonymous with the iconic ‘Female college student’s beloved bag’ in Korean Fashion. The brand has gained popularity in domestic & international markets, making strides overseas for the Korean Fashion Scene.

StandOil’s Chubby Bag sports a retro bowling bag-inspired design. Its glossy, scratch-resistant material promises durability. An elegant vintage handle detail enhances its appeal, while the robust double-sipper ensures secure closure.

The Chubby Bag features two micro-flap pockets on the front and side pockets on the rear for storing small items. It also includes an inside open pocket and a zipper pocket to enhance organization. The Chubby Bag is a must-have accessory in the thriving Korean fashion scene.

Le Serafim Yunjin, a well-known K-pop idol, has been seen using StandOil’s Chubby Bag, significantly increasing its popularity. Fans are already racing to purchase the bag, which many TikTok users call the “Le Serafim Yunjin Chubby Bag.” This trend has taken social media by storm, making the Chubby Bag a must-have for fans of Yunjin’s style.

OSOI – enhancing elegance in modern accessories

Heejin Kang started Osoi, a Seoul-based Korean fashion business, in 2016. The brand specializes in elegant, classic, androgynous designs. Their goal is to modernize women’s essentials at an affordable price, demonstrating a commitment to creating appealing and accessible items.

The name “Osoi” is a Japanese phrase that means “unhurried,” reflecting the brand’s spirit of freedom that its products convey. Heejin Kang’s architectural experience influences Osoi’s Korean fashion design approach, prioritizing hardware, workmanship, materials, and color to craft striking pieces.

The Mini Toni bag is one of the most popular bags trending in Korean fashion. It has a 90s-inspired round moon-like form, soft, supple leather, and metallic hardware made of 100% cow leather. It retails between KR 288,000 and KR 318,000, making it an attractive and versatile item at an affordable price. Osoi’s combination of traditional designs with utility has made it a go-to brand for modern ladies looking for useful handbag solutions.

The global impact of Korean fashion icons

Korean fashion icons have a global effect, as seen by how K-pop idols shape global trends. They have evolved into fashion influencers for followers all around the world, in addition to being artists. These idols are pushing boundaries in the Korean fashion industry through partnerships with designers and stylists.

As global brand ambassadors for luxury houses, they serve as a cultural bridge between South Korea and the fashion world. As a result, K-pop-inspired clothing, accessories, and cosmetic items are in high demand. Furthermore, Korean society regards looks as a reflection of character, impacting both celebrities and regular citizens.

As a result, South Koreans have developed a distinct fashion sense that has attracted international notice. Korean design celebrities are changing the global fashion scene by displaying new styles and motivating admirers.

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