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Get to Know Ereiyal Cartwright, Fashion’s Newest Prospect!

Ereiyal Cartwright is a graphic and fashion designer based in Memphis, TN. Here is some details about her and her career path.

Memphis, TN, is a melting pot of diversity and culture. The city attracts around 11 Million people a year, per The Commercial Appeal.

Why do you ask?

Well, it’s simple: they have one of the best teams in the NBA, an excellent flair for food, and the nightlife (particularly Beale St.) is in a league of its own. So, it’s easy to see why Memphis is a hotspot for tourism.

Apart from things to do, there are a lot of citizens in Memphis who are on the rise in their respective professions. One of those citizens is North Memphis’s Ereiyal Cartwright. The young fashion artist is making a name for herself in Memphis and the nation. Through her connections to Paper Route Empire, her name entered the stratosphere in record time. But what’s behind this passion for graphic/fashion design? Here, we will get to know Ereiyal Cartwright, fashion’s newest prospect.

Ereiyal Cartwright, The Creative Director!

The Mermaid Brand

As we stated above, Ereiyal is from North Memphis, TN. Her passion for business and creativity comes from being an extraordinary person. “My mom was a hairstylist,” Ereiyal told us. “She owned her salon. I remember walking into her building and being inspired by what was accomplished.” As a result of her mother’s direct and indirect influence further augmented E’s flair for fashion. “I was born with it,” she said. “Again, just seeing my mom do what she had to do made me want to achieve my goals.”

Cartwright is the creative director for The Mermaid Brand. In a recent interview with Shoutout LA, the aspiring artist discussed the term risk. “I believe risk is a term created to be a distraction towards one’s destiny,” she said. “If I were to label my sacrifices, determination, and dedication as a risk, then I feel as if I would be taken credit away from God’s work.” Never the type to step away from a challenge, 2020 is the year that fear became imminent. “I was at the most fear I’ve ever been in where my life is going,” she told. “I stopped attending school in person at The University of Tennessee-Knoxville during COVID like every other college student.”

After bypassing a regular job, she positioned herself in the industry. “I decided to enter the industry amongst comedian Mario Bradley,” she said. “He just announced a re-opening of his food truck and was in dire need of assistance. I instantly pursued the opportunity with the thought of expanding The Mermaid Brand through networking and hard work.” Her experiment is proving to be a successful one.

You can read E’s Shoutout LA article in its entirety here.

So, What’s Going On Now?

The Mermaid Brand

As of this writing, E (as the cast of Industry Shakedown calls her), is touring with some friends at Paper Route Empire. For those who may not know, Paper Route Empire is a hip-hop label in Memphis, TN. The company was founded in 2010 by the Late Adolph Thorton, Jr. The artist is known as Young Dolph. The current roster includes acts like Kenny Munney, Big Moochie Grape, and Key Glock. How did this happen? Let’s say there’s history involved. “It’s funny because Kenny Munney and I went to middle and high school together,” she told Trill Mag. “We both attended Central High. They were always so funny and welcoming. Over time it went from friendship to being like family.”

The group’s tour is titled The King Tour. It takes place throughout the Summer months. The dates began June 22 and will continue until August 19th. On that day in August, the tour culminates in E and Label’s hometown of Memphis. This further helps the businesswoman flex her skills in the industry. “I’ve grown so much as an entrepreneur,” she stated. “The things that we have going on during this time seem endless. There’s the food trucks, merch selling, vendors, comedy, everything. It’s going to be a good time.”

With a jam-packed schedule, a work ethic that rivals a graduate student, and the backing of an established brand, Ereiyal Cartwright is poised to be a star in the fashion world.

Written By

Shane Kidd-Walker is a Graduate Film Student at Florida State University. He is also an alumnus of Hinds Community College and THE Alcorn State University.

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