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7 Brands That Reimage Iconic ’70s Fashion

Here are 7 popular brands with some of their products that are trying to make 1970s fashion comeback in 2023.

70s Fashion - Shutterstock/SviatlanaLaza
Credit: Shutterstock/SviatlanaLaza

Some things just don’t fade away. We are always recycling fashion and 2023 is a testimony to that with 70s fashion.

Within these past two years we have seen a resurgence in early 2000s fashion, both on the runway and in fast fashion. But yet that is not all we see and wear. In addition to low rise jeans and crocs, groovy patterns and statement collars from the 1970s are trending today as well. Could fashion be having a potluck? Here are 7 brands you can take inspiration from to add to your small bags and your claw clips.

Tinted Eyewear and Bandanas – 70s Fashion

Forever 21 is a multinational fast fashion retailer founded in Highland Park, Los Angeles in 1984. F21 is a fast-fashion retailer that offers fashionable and cheap clothing. The brand sells everything from hats and tops to eyewear. Tinted eyewear was a staple accessory in the 1970s. It can make any outfit monochromatic. Forever 21 is bringing back tinted eyewear with tinted lens as they are experimenting with different frame shapes.

Shein is one of the most popular online retailers in the country, it is especially popular with Millennials and Generation Z. Shein was founded in October of 2008 in Nanjing, China. It was originally under the name ZZKKO by founder and recent college graduate Chris Xu. The brand sells more than just apparel; it sells accessories as well. Some of the accessories include hats, belts, jewelry and bandanas. Bandanas were a big part of 1970 fashion as they served as an alternative to the beach hat. Shein makes products with trending fashion in mind, which one can see with its efforts to sell bandanas to stay on top of the bandana trend.

Statement or big collars were often a common pair with jackets in the 1970s to add exaggerated flare and compensate for how often the remainder of most shirts would have a tight fit. The exaggerated collars also have a similar silhouette to bell-shaped pants that really finished off the look.

Now, brands like H&M are trying to bring them back. H&M was founded in 1947 in Sweden by Erling Persson. Persson’s goal was to make affordable clothing for everyone. The brand is often known for their very chic and simplistic clothing, such a collar shirt selling for $16.99, which includes buttons to add more detail.

Crochet Bra Tops and Groovy Patterns of Today’s Generation

One of the most popular fabrics of the 1970’s fashion is crochet, as it ties with the earthy vibes the 70s try to convey. Crochet garments come in a variety of colors, and one can make a variety of clothing from crocheting. It was in bags, shirts and bralettes, why not? After all, it is the 70s. Zara is another 70s brand which was established in 1975 in A Coruna, Spain, by Amancio Ortega. Zara is a brand known for simplistic clothing and now values sustainability. The brand sells a crochet top hat that reminds us of the 1970s. The top is made up of cotton, amongst other sustainably sourced materials, that is sure to great with any pair of bell-bottoms or flare jeans.

Urban Outfitters is a true 70s brand in itself as it was founded in 1970 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was the first store was across the street from the University of Pennsylvania; and it was made for the creative college-aged customer. If you walk in an Outfitters store or look on their website, some items have patterns that reminiscence the far-out times. During the early 1970s, groovy patterns were an essential item for the summer. These patterns can brighten up any day. They are a favorite of celebrities such as Cher and Elton John. Urban Outfitters sells a dress with a groovy pattern that tailors to today’s style.

The dress Urban Outfitters currently has for sale is a “one of a kind vintage piece”, according to the brand. It is an authentic vintage piece with beaded spaghetti straps and a hem that is just as long as it was in the 70s. This dress can easily pair with platform shoes or matching tinted eyewear. Both of these combinations are common in popular fashion and still serve as a trendy look.

Crochet Top – 70s Fashion

70s Fashion - ZARA Crocheted Bralette - Ecru
Credit: Zara

Brands have an influence on what we decide to wear. With an effective marketing strategy and an accurate research team, these brands can achieve and maintain steady popularity. The successful status that brands have can also be synonymous with a certain generation or audience. As long as both the audience and brand share and exercise the same values. From there, a positive relationship can grow for both or possibly become a multi-generational brand. With this success, brands can introduce or reintroduce styles from different decades to appeal to younger and new audiences.

2023 has brought back many fashion trends from various decades, such as the 1990s, the early 2000s, and the 1970s. The 70s offer many practical clothing that can often be worn or help change any outfit. In some parts of today’s fashion, 70s fashion influences and offers loose but structured garments. Oftentimes, brands make the clothing as versatile as possible for different occasions. With the help of fashion retailers like Shien, who add a more modern touch. Some of these brands actually started in the 1970s and have stood the test of time. They rose to the task of maintaining as a popular retailer while bringing back 70s fashion trends.

Before we know it, brands for younger audiences will be creating a comeback for 2020s fashion. Can you imagine years later younger people wearing what you wore in 2023? What would it be like? Would you be nostalgic or embarrassed? These are the types of questions that may seem unimportant at the moment but are rather defining questions. We can be certain that previous generations have answered these questions as well as Generation Z will be soon, if not already. All we can do now is decide the fashion we wear today, as this is our chapter in history.

We are always looking at the past and creating a new name for the future, even in television. Click here to read about the latest remake of hit 90s show, That 70’s Show.

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