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A Stinky BBL: Uncovering the Myths and Misconceptions

Are BBL’s just hitting a low in their line of trend or will BBLs be just gone for good as a result of these foul smelling discoveries?


Brazilian Butt Lifts (aka BBLs) arguably remain the most desired body modifications of the 2020s. But now the lid is getting popped open about the harsh reality for those with cosmetic enhancement. And boy, does it stink — literally.

There is a popular trend on TikTok involving male users sharing their dating/romantic experiences with women who have BBLs. These men are the latest in a long list of individuals to express the disturbing and possibly dangerous realities of having BBLs. Are BBLs just hitting a low point, or will they fade out forever as a result of these foul-smelling discoveries?

Why are we only hearing about this now?

This stinky BBL stitch originated from a post by TikTok user @donpsounds earlier this year. In this TikTok video, he described an experience with a date who happened to have a BBL. He explains after she got undressed, the smell of her BBL was “an assault on his nose.” The smell was so unbearable that he had to politely make her aware of it. She later took a shower out of embarrassment. Since then, the video has gone viral with 156k views and sparked a series of videos from other users.

@donpsoundsoff #fyp #fyf #bbl #surgery #datingstorytime #comedyvideo #blowthisupforme ♬ original sound – Don P Sounds Off

Many men on the social media platform told similar stories of stinky BBL dates. Some people in the comment section criticized @donpsounds for crossing a line and sharing personal information as a man. The female subject of the viral video was also criticized for maintaining poor hygiene. However, there was some light added to this dark cloud of comments through duetted videos with other women who have BBLs and could explain the smell.

This leads to my next question. Now we can all understand that most people find themselves a bit sweaty and therefore do not smell their best in some moments. But what is it about women, specifically those with BBLs, that causes such a distinct and unbearable smell?

The science behind it

After some research, I found that the smell can vary from a simple cause to something more complex. In a reaction video, Dr. Anthony Youn confirmed that drainage can occur in the surgically enhanced area between 1-3 weeks after surgery. However, he also clarifies in that video that if the drainage still has a putrid smell after 3 weeks, it could be a sign of infection. Infections are quite common after surgery. They can come from contaminated touch and/or tools used.

@doctoryoun Is the BBL Smell REAL? Do you smell bad after getting a BBL? Here’s the answer! #bblsmell #bbl #plasticsurgeon ♬ original sound – Doctor Youn

In the same video, another user mentioned that it can be as simple as not fully washing. Dr. Roger Tsai verified this in another TikTok, stating that it is more challenging to wipe after using the bathroom with more area to cover. It can be especially difficult the first few days to weeks post-surgery due to soreness. Furthermore, it is recommended to refrain from vigorous washing in the weeks after surgery.

How to treat a stinky BBL

Now, with this information from Dr. Anthony Youn, it is safe to say that BBLs are not supposed to smell. It really depends on one’s recovery and post-surgery hygiene. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Adam Brasner can attest to that.

In his week-by-week guide/Q&A page for BBL post-surgery care, Dr. Brasner instructs you to call your surgeon immediately to receive proper care, particularly if symptoms such as unexpected swelling and redness, unpleasant odor, excessive oozing, fever, and increased pain occur for more than three weeks.

Towards the end of the week-by-week guide, he states that it is important to have a healthy diet post-surgery. He advises patients to “avoid salty foods, which can promote fluid retention.” Lastly, one must maintain proper hygiene in the surgically enhanced areas. This will prevent both infections and odors from bowel movements.

Could this be the straw that breaks the BBL camelback?

American body trends are at a crossroads right now. Thankfully, many influencers and celebrities are speaking out about their post-surgery horror stories. As a result, many young people have been warned about the potential dangers of having a BBL.

The surgical enhancement can be compared to a lifetime commitment. Brazilian butt lifts require constant hygiene, maintenance checkups, avoidance of sunlight, and a whole new wardrobe. They can also cause nerve damage, internal bleeding, life-threatening infection, and even death.

Beautiful and confident women

BBLs are still relatively desirable in 2024. They remain prevalent in hip-hop culture, with many female rappers retaining some remnants of the BBL figure. Bodycon dresses for prom promote the same. However, these recent discoveries have incited a societal shift toward the complete opposite body type — or at least a more natural, athletic-looking body. But does a middle ground exist?

Healthy and Beauty Travel hints that subtle natural BBLs may be on the rise. The clinic explains that culture shifts, health consciousness, lifestyle alignment, and advances in technology account in part for the all-naturelle shift. Not to mention, with the iron grip known as mass inflation, it makes sense that fewer people can afford a BBL and the required six weeks of recovery time.

We do not know if Brazilian Butt Lifts are here to stay in American culture. But if there is anything to learn from the phenomenon, it is to know what you are getting yourself into when you decide to change your body.

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