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Why Celebrities Are Taking A U-Turn On Plastic Surgery

Countless stars have reversed their procedures.

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Several famous faces have spoken up about exactly that: their faces. Most of our favourite stars have gone under the knife at some point, but many of them are expressing their regrets over taking things too far.

Addiction can take form in a variety of ways, and it’s equally as easy to fall into a cycle with surgery as it is the likes of anything else. For a generation who have been constantly exposed to filters and edited photos on social media, there’s an extremely high expectation to look like what isn’t even real. Not only does this perpetuate insecurities, but it leads to more and more young people facing body dysmorphia.  

The answer to their problems? Plastic surgery. Despite its ability to reduce imperfections and give patients a real-life filter look, it’s so easy to get drawn into its effects and go overboard. Which is why a lot of celebrities are now making the decision to dissolve filler, stop any further procedures and speak out about just how addictive it can be.


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One of the most famous influencers in the UK is Love Island sensation, Molly-Mae Hague, and not only has she chosen to speak out about the effects of plastic surgery, but she has actively taken steps towards dissolving her fillers and not going under the knife anymore. In a TikTok video taken from the Diary Of A CEO Podcast, she explains the moment when she realised that she had gone too far after she received a flurry of hate comments online.

Despite this, she still states that she supports everyone’s decision to get fillers and doesn’t condemn young girls’ choices as she made that choice herself when she was younger. Similarly, Faye Winter, a finalist from the most recent season of Love Island, had her lip filler dissolved after coming out of the Spanish villa due to the backlash she received on social media making her aware of exactly how far she had taken her decision to get injected in the first place.

Plastic surgery isn’t restricted to only fillers or facial work, there are many different types. Some celebrities even build their brand on the surgery they’ve had, with the likes of the Kardashian-Jenner clan being infamous for their changing appearances since they first found fame.

There are even shows, such as Botched, that revolve solely around plastic surgery gone wrong, and in some cases, it isn’t an easy fix. So before you delve into the world of body modifications, ensure that your research is done. Would you want an embarrassing tattoo on your body for the rest of your life? If the answer is no, then consider plastic surgery in the same way.

Cosmetic surgeries are invaluable to those who struggle with body image, but they must be considered in great detail before beginning the process. As much as some procedures are reversible with minimal traces, others aren’t as simple. And similarly to medical surgeries, there can also be many complications, so it isn’t just as easy as using photoshop for your next Instagram post.

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