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WATCH: Will Smith’s Skydiving Experience Is Terrifying Yet Inspiring!

Would you do it?

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Will Smith recently took on a new adventure- skydiving. In the beautiful city of Dubai, he took the plunge while his closest friends looked on in awe.

Skydiving is probably one of those things a lot of us would like to do but probably never would out of fear. Well if there’s a man to make us feel inadequate, it’s Will Smith!


Smith appears to have felt exhilarated and revived by his experience. He reflected on it, claiming how it encouraged him to think about life in a completely different way.

The Jump:

When describing the experience, Smith eloquently says: ‘And in one second, you realise that it’s the most blissful experience of your life.’ If that sh*t isn’t inspiring, I don’t know what is! Smith goes on to explain how the experience embodies facing your fears. Jumping out of a plane is something that anybody would be afraid of. He makes the point that once he’d done it, he realised how pointless that fear was in the first place.

So to anyone who is stressed or afraid of things that don’t really matter and probably seem a lot worse than they are, remember the words of Will Smith! He may not be exactly Shakespeare, but he’s got a few decent things to say.

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