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WATCH: A Violent Fight Turns Into A Hugfest at Pennsylvannia Station

They hug it out like homies!

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Friendships aren’t always great, sometimes they get hard to handle. People fight and feelings get hurt. Well at Pennsylvania station, much more than feelings were hurt. Two men broke in a fight and there’s a video showing the violent encounter. Check it out!

I’m not sure how all that hitting turns into a friendly hug. I know that many friends would become enemies after a fight like that. I am glad that they worked it out though, although violence should not have been the answer. I’m sure there is other more sensible ways to solve their differences.

The shirtless guy has some vulgar language. Not many friends speak to each other that way, this is certainly an abusive and odd friendship.

The guy taking the video seems really intrigued: “Oh they Gucci now”. He thinks that the shritless guy handing the other guy a napkin, is love. Well there is a lot forgiveness going on in Penn station for a fight like that to end on such good terms.

If that fight wasn’t enough for you, I have a new sport for you! Here’s an article about how snowball fighting is a sport in colder regions.

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