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WATCH: Two Girls Have Massive Fight In JD Sports

They had to be pulled apart by their boyfriends.

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Two girls in the JD Sports shop in Burnley, Lancashire were filmed having an all-out catfight.

The fight is said to have been started because one girl was looking at the other. An onlooker stated: “One of the girls had said ‘what the f*** are you looking at’. That’s how it started. The other girl returned with ‘nothing, what’s your f****** problem’.”

Watch the fight here:


Over all the swearing and one girl calling the other a slag, their respective boyfriends were pulling them apart. Furthermore, the staff at the JD store also helped in stopping the fight. Although, they eventually had to give up trying. Leaving it to their assumed boyfriends in the clip breaking them apart as one pauses to grab her fallen purse.

As the video shows, many people were just looking on in disbelief. That is why the one woman filmed the ordeal. It is not every day that people punch and kick each other in a retail establishment.

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