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Watch This Incredibly Tiny Little Monkey Get Its Mind Blown By A Moving Leaf Insect

Leaf me alone!

Image from: Apple TV / YouTube

2020 has been a difficult year- and we still have little under a month’s worth of it left to get through. But thankfully, we’ve still got little reminders that the world can be a wholesome and frankly adorable place thanks to this clip from Apple TV+’s new docu-series ‘Tiny World’.

The clip follows a pygmy marmoset as it investigates a suspiciously lively leaf amongst the rainforest treetops, providing a healthy dose of serotonin for us all in these winter months.

The pygmy marmoset boasts the title of being the world’s smallest monkey, weighing in at just over 100 grams (equal roughly to one medium-sized banana!)

‘Tiny World’ premiered on Apple TV+ (Apple’s new TV streaming service) in October of this year, and followed the escapades of the various tiny creatures of the animal kingdom, narrated by the voice talents of Paul Rudd.

The show was met with a majorly positive reception, with many praising the show’s lush cinematography and storytelling prowess.

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