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Watch the Incredible Side-By-Side of Mindhunter’s Charles Manson Versus Real Life Manson

Actor Damon Herriman’s portrayal of the crazy serial killer is scary accurate.

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The story of terrifying cult leader and serial killer Charles Manson has made an appearance in season two of Mindhunter. Actor Damon Herriman plays an insanely convincing role of the deranged man and has left us all wondering how he was able to adapt such an act.

Herriman’s outstanding performance of the maniac has provided him praise from all over. What’s most impressive of this act is the actual comparison of real life Charles Manson to the actor’s portrayal. The episode of Mindhunter remakes the short interview with Manson that was run by 60 Minutes Australia. Youtuber Alex James has created a side-by-side of the real life interview to the portrayal. The similarities are truly incredible in both their appearance and actions. 

I think it’s clear that Herriman nailed this very complicated role, and because of it, his acting career will take a pretty impressive leap. What’s even more is that this isn’t his first time playing Charles Manson, as he was in the recent Quentin Tarantino movie Once Upon a Time In Hollywood based around Manson’s story. I believe we’re going to be seeing a lot more of Damon Herriman, and possibly some more Charles Manson characters. 

A fan of Mindhunter? Check out the BTK killer’s unique story in context to season two.

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