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WATCH: The Best GoPro Footage Of 2018

Prepare to be blown away.

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Is there anything better than procrastinating wrapping Christmas presents by watching some awesome GoPro footage? I think not.

You’re in for a treat with this 4 minute video, which includes, among other things, epic skydives, snowboarding stunts, desert mountain biking and extreme canoeing. Ultimately it’s an amazing compilation of this years best GoPro moments.

Added to all this is the breathtaking scenery featured throughout all of the clips, from the ocean to the desert, and the mountains to urban landscapes.

These people all look like they were having the time of their lives in 2018, it’s really inspiring stuff.

Watch the full video here:

Is it too late to add a GoPro to my Christmas list? I want my 2019 to look a lot like this.

The inspiring footage doesn’t stop here, check out this video of Brendan Weinstein surfing Swiss mountain peaks.

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