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WATCH: Seth Rogen Hilariously Pranks Unsuspecting New Yorkers With a Seth Rogen Death Hoax

Told them he was dead and filmed their reactions.

Featured image credit: TruTV/YouTube

If you know who Seth Rogen is or seen any of his films, you’d know he has one of the best and most unique sense of humour of any comedians in Hollywood. He also has some of the sickest and most grotesque.

With help from fellow funny man and TV presenter Billy Elcher, Rogen acts as the cameraman in the prank, while Billy tells the oblivious interviewee that Seth Rogen passed away. The inspiration came from the celebrity death-ridden misery of a year that is 2016. I mean surely we can’t have anymore, right? Especially not Seth Rogen, that would just flat out confirm that the apocalypse is prompt.

But as funny as he is, it’s understandable that not everyone knows who Seth Rogen is. And that spurred the best reactions of them all, with one guy saying: “Sorry to hear that. I haven’t the slightest idea who that guy is.”, making a sea of awkwardness between him, Billy and Seth. There were of course, heartfelt reactions from fans who know him and appreciate his work.

As morbid as the inspiration of the and the joke itself is, the prank turned out fascinating and very funny – c’mon it’s Seth Rogen.

Can’t get enough of this adorable, joint rolling, teddy bear of a man? Yes? We got you! Click here for more Rogen!

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