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WATCH: Ryan Gosling Thrown Into Musical Dystopia In Fan Mashup

City of Star… Wars? Well, not quite.

"Blade Runner 2049," via Warner Bros.

From last year’s “La La Land” to the recent hit “Blade Runner 2049,” Ryan Gosling has been on a roll lately. 

Going from the romanticized streets of modern day Los Angeles to the grim future of “Blade Runner 2049” is certainly jarring, but one Youtuber manages to mesh the two together quite well.

Youtuber TheDoctorofWill has created a short mashup trailer that blends two of Gosling’s most iconic films. With the bold visuals of “Blade Runner” and the catchy tunes of “La La Land,” it’s hard not to be intrigued. Check it out below:

His work is nearly seamless, and really leaves you yearning for something more than a minute long.

And the broken Oscar statue is a nice callback to the Best Picture blunder at last year’s Oscars Ceremony, though it still might be too soon to joke about such tragedy.

For Ryan Gosling in a slightly more positive mood, check out his work in “The Nice Guys.” While the film may have gone under the radar, this trailer never gets old.

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