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WATCH: Man Puts Invisibility Shield to the Test

Youtuber, Chris Ramsay, tests out the Hyperstealth Invisibility Shield.


Youtuber, Chris Ramsay, tests out the Hyperstealth Invisibility Shield. 

Chris Ramsay is a 35 year old Youtuber best known for his magic trick videos and solving elaborate puzzles. With a following of over 4.1 million subscribers, Chris has made quite the name for himself within the Youtube community.

On September 11th, 2020, Chris uploaded a video documenting his experience testing out an invention called the Invisibility Shield. Designed by a Canadian company called Hyperstealth, the product promises to completely hide or “turn invisible” whatever hides behind, acting almost like camouflage.

From Chris’s video, it appears the shield does exactly what it promises: Makes you completely invisible. But what is the science behind it?

Chris goes on to explain that the material of the Invisibility Shield is dense enough to slow down light and changes its direction through refraction, thus creating the illusion that the shield can turn someone “invisible”.

The video has gone on to reach over 700,000 views and a lot of interest in the possibilities of invisibility. Though science is still far from doing so, Chris shows his viewers how far science has come.

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