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WATCH: Man Drunkenly Driving Into Nightclub, As Court Case Unfolds

Never, ever drink and drive.


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The court is in session for a man who is believed to have driven into a nightclub with the intent to kill and seriously harm those inside.

Last March, Mohammed Abdul was asked to leave Blake’s, a club in Kent. Reportedly, he had consumed up to 15 glasses of vodka, tequila and had been smoking weed. Needless to say, the bouncers thought it was time for him to go home at around 11:40 pm.

It has come out in the court proceedings that Abdul had the intention to commit murder that night. A doorman, Peter Muro stated that Mohammed said to him: “If I can’t come in I’m going to come back and shut this place down and kill you guys.”

Around 10 minutes later, at speed, Abdul drove his Suzuki Vitara into the club. In the footage from March 17th you see the bouncers, then clubgoers diving away from the bonnet as it hurtled down an alleyway. Then, he crashed through the marquee surrounding the outdoor DJ booth and dance floor. He drives into the club and reverses back out, causing more harm.

The driving is truly horrific to watch

Although, despite the intent to kill, no one died that night. Abdul is simply on trial for attempted murder and causing GBH with intent. However, he denies this. He does admit to being at the wheel of the car and causing serious injury by dangerous driving. Eight people were seriously injured in the crash. Looking at the video, it could have been a lot more and it could have been fatal.

The trial continues. Some of the injuries sustained were bruising, a fractured shinbone and a fractured pelvis. Therefore, we hope the people who were injured and the people suffering emotionally get justice from this awful event.

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