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WATCH: Man Drops £30,000 Champagne Bottle

That’s one expensive accident.

A video has gone viral of a man dropping an incredibly expensive bottle of champagne in Ibiza. Prepare yourself: it’s embarrassing to watch.

The man in the video is yet to be identified. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s gone into hiding, considering how embarrassing this video is.

In it, we can see the man take the bottle of champagne, with the hope of popping the cork. Instead, the bottle slips out of his grip. He grabbles with it for a moment, but in the end it falls to the ground.

Other hands reach out to stop the fall, but it’s too late. There is spray and fizz everywhere, especially all over the man’s suit. And the floor. I wouldn’t want to be the person cleaning up on that night.

Now, this would all be bad enough if it was a two quid bottle of wine you got in Aldi weeks ago, considering the embarrassment, but this was a mega expensive bottle of champagne.

We can’t be sure exactly how expensive the bottle was, as the label on the bottle can’t quite be read in the video, but considering the nature of the club, it had to be in the tens of thousands.

For context, here’s some things you can buy with £30,000:

  • A luxury spa break in the lake district every weekend for a year
  • 10,000 tesco meal deals
  • 5,000 beanie boos
  • A fancy wedding

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